What’s a good way to handle a character walking up stairs? How can I get the character to walk up the stairs naturally like you’d expect?

I’m guessing it requires something the collision box recognizing when it’s touching stairs, but as for the motion, moving up the stairs, I’m not sure. Moving down, could probably just be done with physics, unless it’s better to do both similar ways. Can anyone help me? Thanks for all the help you’ve already given me.

You just put an invisible, flat plane over the stairs.

But wouldn’t there be a lot of clipping? And things sliding off? It’s not an FPS.

make the stairs no collision, the plane invisible, then set the dynamic (physical) material of the plane so that it has a good amount of friction to it. And also resistence to bouncing around. It’s the button that says DYN in materials panel when you have the plane’s material selected. Then enable them in the game menu.