My first post. a stair created with Blender, render with cycle and some blur and color adjustements in Gimp. Hope you like it.

Comments are welcome.


Nicely done.
Not counting slight concerns that steps are off the ergonomic proportions, is there any bump on that material?
Could you, please, describe lights setup briefly?

Thanks and welcome on forum!


You use some reference image? Because it would be awesome if this lightlinstalation would exist in reallife. :slight_smile:


Eppo: Steps 15 cm by 25 cm, Ok no?. There is no bump on the concrete material. And for the lights setup: two planes with white emission material beyond and above the stairs to simulate natural lighting and planes with yellow emission for steps lights and ceiling light.

SomeSilverWings: Yes i use reference, the brand of lights is Deltalight.

Try to add a slight bumpiness.
Concerning steps - see Interior sizes e.g. hereor here; right now when i look at the image i feel myself tripping, not comfortable, which does not do good to the perception of it in a way.