hi, this is my first script - StairsCreator
please try it and tell me what’s wrong :slight_smile:

NEW update !!!

copy it to /.blender scripts
it will be in Menu- Add -StairCreator

p.s. thank’s to skoti and szczuro from

Hi gucias,
good one, Harry Potter Stairs.:wink:
The script works ok,
it would be good to have an En, translation.
thanks for sharing.

gucias - nice script. I did a quick translation in English. I’ll post some other comments soon. So far so good. Thanks for your work! best_a_

it looks like the staire are made up of stone which is fine

but would there a possibiliy to have a shape like wood stair
with a lip for each step

would be great with this option for modeling house
or wood stair wherever a stair of this shape is needed

keep up the good work

looking foward for the english version


Ok. English version is accesaible :slight_smile: link is the same

Thanks very much for the translation.

hi gucias,

a very nice script! you can get more inspiration for the script here
can i request a way to add railings too?

if you can read ruby, there are some stair maker for sketchup, you can check it out here wait for it to load then search “stair”



Thanks for the script, good start.

Forgive me if you already aware of this, but generally architects would work with a floor to floor dimension and then divide that by the ‘rise’ required to meet building codes / regulations for the class of stair to get the number of ‘rises’ required.

Then the ‘going’ would also be set dependent on building codes for the class of stair. ie residential, commercial, fire escape etc. I’m not suggesting that building code compliance needs to be included that would be overboard but as the script stands without the floor to floor value I still need my calculator. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have the script do that calculation based on a users floor to floor dimension, then a tweak / overide on the stair ‘rise’ to end up with the number of steps needed rather than entering the number of steps first as per the script.

Also would it be possible to set a dimension for the ‘waist’ ie the diagonal distance between back of a going and under side of flight. Generally 150 -200mm.

And finally the possibility to have a sloping rise where the nosing is forward of the vertical for example 25mm. So in affect the going is extended by 25mm.

A lot to ask. Thanks again.

this script is only first step to do professional script to make stairs.
Now I work on diffrent more architectural way to calculate stairs :slight_smile:


Great script! you make me want to learn python… so, maybe i start today… thanks a lot! :wink:

hi again gucias,
i wish you well with your plans.
here is the Spiral Stairway script:
that leads to if you follow the links…
here is the wiki page for the Circular Stairway script.
there may be some useful code/ideas for you there.
Good Luck!

tried to download the first script from wiki
but refused to download ?

can you set a URL where we could download it - the Py fie

it owuld definitively be intersting to combine all 3 script into one
and have more options available

it’ great to have choices it gives more flexibility and faster too

great work for theses stairwell guys


nice script. nice result after 3 days learning python.
A good candidate to be a part of cad/arch toolkit script.
keep it going. (dobry poczatek)
waiting for optimized version. normals need better control.

with some more options

liek in the physical world usually you begin by determining the space or the area available or the whole for the stairs this could be round or rectangular space

then you have the height between top of floor and the ceiling _height of the ceiling

from this you can determine the number of steps and the last step might need some adjustment to fit the stairs in

and with this you can design almost anytype of stairs

also there are some constraint for the min max height of steps
alos on the depth of steps
and for wood steps there is a mini max for the thickness of the step

anyway theses are ideas that would be great to implement for a more complete stair script

hey wish you good luck and hopefully you can come back soon with a better version

keep up the good work

…and little update :slight_smile:


i put the script with the png pic in a folder and did a test
but it gave an erro that i could not load the pic?

what can i do to correct that
wold it be possible to make it load fron the same folder whre the file is
py and blend is located


Image must be in scripts folder

New update accessible :slight_smile: see first post

hi gucias,

the downloaded zip is still the 1.20 version.:slight_smile:

now link is working v.1.3.0