Stairway to Fear


This is my second thread in this forum, I hope you like it and help me to improve my knowledge.

The image took 1:59 min at 1024x768, on a AMDx2 64 bits 3800+ with 1GB RAM
Blender Internal, with no AO.

I will post the .blend file later.

UPDATED: Now the shadows are a little soft, using shadowbuffer lamps.


Pretty good if you ask me. The stairs seems to be too wide and the candle light needs to cast a bit softer shadows.

Blender internal is able to render with AO (ambient occlusion)

Love the idea and the picture. The blood is a very nice touch IMHO.

Thanks for your replies! :slight_smile:

Cipix, the stairway is so wide intentionally and yes, I know blender has AO built in, but I always try to avoid it, I prefer to fake those things.
I thought about making the candle light a bit softer, but I also realized that a small light gives sharp shadows. I will try to smooth the shadow a little bit so it seems more realistic. Maybe using shadowbuffer will solve the problem.

I really like it. I agree with Cipix though, the light should cast softer shadows, and the stairs are a bit to wide, but still really good.

Use a newer blender build with QMC soft shadows, is easier and faster.

The problem is that I always try to minimize the render times. Raytracing is good, but slow nowadays.
Actually I am now setting up some shadowbuffer lamps to fake the candle light :yes:

nice job, 4 stars!

Considering that is a still you may end up wasting a lot more time “setting up” the candle than a simple render with QMC.

I’ve just seen that the last image was not completely lit.
I’m now at work, so when I arrive home I will update it correctly.

Lovely render…nice textureing

perfect render… nice textures is the candle “SPOT” :):slight_smile:

very nice…good lighting

Thank you for your replies! :slight_smile:
I feel motivated by the good work there are in here.
Now I am working on another project, involving snakes.

Oh! I promised to give you the .blend file, so I will post it as soon as I can (it has to be named, specially the lights so you can better understand).