Stairway to Heaven-Reversed Messages

I’ve always thought this was some pointless rumor, that if you reversed stairway to heaven, you’d hear hidden satanic messages. Untill i revesed the song myslef using a program called audicity…

When I listend to the song i heard “satan”, “666” and “satan” again. I did a google and founf a page where the lyrics where described, now i can hear it as clear as day

3:20 sec in the revesed stairway to heaven it says “So heres to my sweet satan, the one whose little path would make me sad whose power is satan (it could also say fake), he’ll give you your 666, there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad satan”

Here’s one of many websites where you can listen to the clip, and its not fake becuase i did it myself

The part of the song that contains the messages, has the lyrics “yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run theres still time to change the road your on”, referring to either christainity or satan. strange is it?

also throughout the forward song the lyrics “And you know sometimes words have two meanings” and “Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven” and best of all “And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last”.

Now, the first line of the reversal says “plaaaay backwards hear words sung”, very strange stuff

Interestinly says that as human we talk in reverse all the time, our mind simply hides our uncouncious thoughts, embedded in reverse in our speech. this webpage has numersou sounds clips of children, presidents, famous speeches and the like were reverse messages are hidden in the speech.,

what do you guys think about this, i was VERY freaked out when i heard stairway to heaven backwards

You did that? Then why is it on %|

and what is the opposite of a stairway going to heaven? a stairway going to hell…

I also “freaked out” the first time I listenned to such song…there was also one with britney spears in which she says: sleep with me, I’m not too young, sleep with me I’m not too young… lol…

and another one bites the dust which make: it’s good to smoke marijuana, it’s good to smoke marijuana. lol…

Maybe they did on purpose…maybe they didn’t…the fact is, that alot of word, when reversed, create noises that sounds “similar” to some word we know. If I had listenned to stairways to heaven backward without reading the lyrics…I could only (like you did) heard satan and 666…yet after you read the reversed lyrics, you can hear it clearly. so, it can just be some people who thought they heard something (some really distorted word that aren’t really the word) and wrote it…then when you listen and read the lyrics, it sounds ok…yet it isn’t. Hm you get what I mean? lol.

Anyway, it’s funny…but I don,t know if all of this was done on purpose. Imagine the work it needs to write a full song that once reversed create another song?..

here’s another site:

Yvan eht nioj!



It’s hard enough to write a song, I don’t think people would bother to make it understandable if reversed. It’s so easy to “imagine” new meaning when you listen to the reversed words.

Oh… and you don’t even need to reverse them in fact. When I was a kid and did’nt speak a word of english, I often “imagined” new lyrics (in french 'cause that’s my language) for the english songs on the radio, lyrics that were close to the sound I heard. Ok, most of the time it didn’t make sense :smiley:
I have a friend who understand “nous faisons des oeufs, et couic-couic ils se tournent” (a stupid sentence that doesn’t make sense) instead of “New blood joins this earth, and quickly he’s subdued” in The Unforgiven (Metallica). Now that he told me that, when I listen to that song I hear that stupid sentence too, arghh.

Oh, and I listened to the reversed version… where people heard “666” I heard “see sexy” or something like that, and for the “satan”, I heard sounds like “blee-tain” and “sat” and never satan.
So, it’s just a guy with a lot of imagination who wrote that fake reversed lyrics I guess :slight_smile:

I friend of mine found some interesting stuff in halo 2. Quite the opposite of this, and rather intentional of course.


(set your settings to spoilers OK :wink: )

X-Warrior: Wow, that site is great! Very funny and intriguing stuff. :slight_smile:

yeah i can hear some of that stuff…but its all a horrible stretch. I dont know how anyone could hear that stuff without lyrics.

The only one that is remotely believable is the pink floyd song which was obviously done deliberatly. Its not hard to record some dialogue, reverse it and play it quitely under some guitars.

I’m afraid i was expecting to be freaked out, but im not.


Oh come on, I think the eminem, britney spears, and queen ones are all perfectly distinguishable without lyrics. The “stairway to heaven” one really is a horrible stretch, though. :slight_smile:

nat as evo li

Oh come on, I think the eminem, britney spears, and queen ones are all perfectly distinguishable without lyrics

perhaps if you are severly retarded or have just spent the night getting completely blazed. :wink:

That song even sounds good in reverse, cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

You did that? Then why is it on

I revesed the mp3 of stairway to heaven at home using audicity, and listened to it backwards, because a friend at school had told me about this rumor. I heard what i thought was “satan” and other strange parts. THEN i did a google and found that albino black sheep webpage, i never said i made or contributed to that page

Here’s my version of the reversed song:

“aww dish my plate satan, you’re one little child who’d make me sad push now and satan. you would give all your 66 sit, and all immortal shay I made a song, I said satan.”

This really sucks for me. I cant read in song I read in speed mode so i dont “hear” what yall type and I dont wanna download the file cuz lil bro is chillin in room with me I dont want to subject him to that stuff.

Our minds continually try to find patterns in everyday things that resemble something else. Watch the static noise on your TV; eventually you’ll begin to see images when of course there’s nothing. This is especially true with images of faces (easily recognized pattern by humans), like the Virgin Mary in the toast. The truth is, it’s nothing more than a blatant coincidence in almost all cases. In fact, it’s not even a coincidence at all; it’s our imaginations getting away from us. Of course I can hear the “satanic message” in the reversed lyrics, but only after being told they were there.

the late 70’s and early 80’s where a time of rebelion. If you listened to Black Flag, people thought you where incontinent…lol. I remember this kid from my church came over and started rolling my Zep record backward on the turntable(in Through the out door) and I freaked out on him. He was sayin the devil has a message if you play it backward and I told him to stop listinin to the devil and enjoy the god-given talent of Zep.
Everyone was freakin out. It was preachers on TV talkin about records that wouldnt break unless they said “In Jesus’s name, I command you to break” and all kinds of crazy stuff. I personaly don’t care if Zep worshped the Devil or not, but when I was a kid, it sure made me bug my mom until she bought me the records. We all know what you get if you play a country record backward…lol. Gemme Zep anyday :slight_smile:

mmm… somone remember the thoery that poll mccartny died in a freak accident and was “replaced” and since then there are “signs” in the beatles songs and album covers for it?

this is nonsace imho and if satan is responsible for led zeppelin than satan is great music producer.

Did it myself and they are definitely there. Which explains why the lyrics sound a bit funny the other way round. I take it that they recorded both sets of lyrics with inverse timing and put them ontop of each other. Although it is possible to learn how to sing backwards, see one of Coldplay’s videos (I forget which).