Stale data, bpy.types.Scene.update fails

I have a script which changes the scale and location of a text object. It then checks it’s dimensions, but the dimension data are stale. It works, but must be run twice to update the dimensions.
I read here that this is actually correct:

It says to just run


to force the update but I just get errors when I add it.

I tried bpy.types.Scene.update(), bpy.types.scene[0].update and many other permutations. Thanks in advance.


and see:
examples of how to use the API reference docs

Thank you! It works (and it works) I feel like there is a lot of stale/deprecated or just plain wrong blender documentation. I’ll keep this link handy.

Thank you for your quick response.

I don’t think documentation is wrong. If it says bpy.types.Scene.update, it doesn’t mean you can call that. It’s only the type, not an instance of that type. You need to get an instance of that type first (e.g. scene from context).