stalker alternative demo (blend)



oh…I will thanks man=D
edit:wait dumb question…how do i view a .rar?

It’s a good start. Some problems, however.

*Clipping is an issue, which I fixed with some meddling with the camera distance.
*The main character walks ultra slow, so I changed the run speed to 20 instead of 6, which made the game go from hell to decent.
*The humanoid enemy doesn’t really attack me…
*The bug things are good, but take too many rounds to kill. Make more of the bugs, but with less damage resistance, and you’ll have a fun game.

Overall, the game was pretty good. I’d say to keep working with it, and eventually you should have yourself a great addition to the (nearly non-existent) blender game library. Just work on the issues I mentioned.

Yes, increase the speed. I liked the sheep things, but their attacks really have no consequence due to the infinate health. I would also suggest that some one with a better understanding of the english language edit your dialogue. But its a great start. Great models and textures by the way.
Good luck.

Nice game! Also i don’t know how to fix the car, can you do it yet?

other than the annoying slow speed it’s good!