Stalker Droids

A pair of police stalker droids tailing a suspect. This is my 3rd blender project. My 1st try at some UV mapping and placing a model into a scene. C&C welcome.


Not too bad for one of your early attempts. Overall I think it could be lighter, but other than that, keeping pushing it until it matches the look you’re trying to achieve. :slight_smile:

Thx. The dark, dreary look is what I’m going for. Not quite “Bladerunnerish” but not far off either. Notice the brown, polluted sky and the peeling paint on the droids. What I need to do now is to take away the newness of the brick wall…to get it more worn and weathered. I increased the lighting slightly by adding some moonlight…and I rounded the bricks a bit.


One suggested I have is to try calibrating your monitor. Your image seems to suffer from something I’ve been a victim of time and time again, which is rendering on a monitor that is set too bright.

Probably looks great on a brightened monitor, but on a calibrated monitor it is too dark to see any detail at all.

You mentioned a brown polluted sky, but the image is so dark on my monitor that I can’t see the sky at all.

If you do a google search for “monitor calibration”, you should be able to find a good resource for setting your brightness/contrast up appropriately.

Hope that helps!

Looks good, it is a bit dark, but hey if thats the goal, there ya go, try finding some pictures of some old bricks, it will help a lot in modelling, and in texturing.

Ok. I just calibrated my monitor using adobe gamma. I see what you mean. I will have to overhaul the image a bit. I can see the brownish sky over the droid that’s peeking around the corner but only because I know what to look for. Thx for the tip. I have a few bricks along the side of my house. I’ll have to have a look at them. Maybe a few more UV maps are in order. I might bring a few of them inside and scan them as well.

The brick wall was looking a bit weak so I textured it to look more realistic.


I really like the modeling on the droids, but mabey edit the textures or try bump mapping so they don’t looks so shiney and new

Why did you turn the lights back off? I can’t see anything but two green smudges in the latest render.

I checked the image on 2 different monitors and it seemed fine. I checked it on a 3rd and even with the brightness turned up all the way it was very dark. So I increased the moonlight and figured I might as well lighten the sky a bit as well.


See, now that’s uncomfortably dark and it’s hard to see the detail (the buildings on the right don’t show up at all), but at least I can see everything (er, except the buildings). I think my monitor might be a bit dark, but you have to comprimise for CRTs and LCDs.

It’s also too dark for me.

I found this site very usefull for calibrating my monitor.

Maybe you could use a blue/purple light to illuminate the shadow-areas or a gray/white one to simulate moonlight.

Search for 3-point-lighting.

It doesn’t have to be black to get a dark atmosphere.

OK. I increased the lighting all around. Hope this helps.


looks a lot better! The droids could use some wear and tear, dents and dings and that sort…

Well I think I’ve tweaked this one about as much as I can (at least at my current level of familiarity with blender) so I think I will put it up on the finished projects page. Thx, all, for your c&c. They were a very big help.