STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

I am not sure if people played it
I just got and finished this game.

The cinematic, atmosphere, level design, and in particular the humans in the cut scenes are
well made. Very impressive and a nice piece of coming from eastern Europe.
The architectural models are so well made and detailed. Amazing howthe captured
the atmosphere. Maybe my memory being in Minsk and environment blends with
the game.

It should be on sale at one point - if you liked half life, you might like this game as
well, lol the Ukraine version of Half Life just a bit more realistic.

Yes, I have played all three including clear sky and call of pripyat. I personally loved all three of them :D. Unfortunately clear sky was not as impressive as SoC. However if you liked SoC, pripyat is a major step forward in terms of game play, it’s more like they wanted the original to be like. However the cutscenes, while nice in pripyat, almost look less advance than in SoC. I remember being impressed at the time when I found out that SoC had 9 different endings based on how you played it.

Yes the endings - lol I was only to see gold coins - and well the other 2 C endings.

What are the two other add-ons about? As well more a shooter or more role playing?

The last game the blow me away was Fallout 3 - because when you see it from that
point, it is like watching the history channel, very deep when you look behind the curtain.

Sounds like an interesting game, I havent played a good fps for a while now.

The topic particularly sounds good, Ive got a slight obsession with Chernobyl, theres something about a empty nuclear desert and ghost towns which is really appealing, Id like to even go there oneday.

Perhaps if I find some time ill have to check this game out, if its got an intriguing plot then Im in :yes:

The other two c endings? Are you talking about the true endings? And clear sky/ call of pripyat are actual stand-alone games. Clear sky takes place before the events in Shadow of Chernobyl, and Call of Pripyat takes place after SoC.

Yes I saw the 2 true ending, joining and destroying the C.
The cut scenes and facial animations are just great.

The last true ending, destroying them, reminds me a lot
about half-life with all the teleporting.

well the story line is linear including side stories.
It uses shooting a lot, you have side factions you
can work with or work against.

The beginning is mh not so hot, later if you like good map
designs it is just amazing.

What was great to see (while sad) they captured the brutality
and depression of that area very well. What I saw with my
eyes was very much what I saw reflected in the game.

I may research up on this. Thanks!

ya ,it was a great game …worth playing twice .i got the greedy ending :stuck_out_tongue: .

if you liked that you’ll like clearsky **except its ending which was unexpected and i didnt like it " .

havent played the new one yet .

Claas, I call you so, its just easier than CKE or something and after all its your name.
I enjoyed Stalker too, you might want to take a look into “Fallout 3” as well, it is similar awesome but In a more satyric way. It got an awesome story, awesome characters and that hightech mid-50s flair is just awesome, at least thats my taste.
And also “Borderland” and “Bioshock” is worth looking into if you liked Stalker.

Fallout 3 - no no I stay away, it took me 8 days straight to finish it
and my butt was hurting for days.

This game is epic - not because of the game play, but imagine the work they
must have put into inventing, collecting, and crafting all the story lines and mini
side notes on the nuclear fear our former generations must have had.

Just incredible work.

I am looking into borderland right now - interesting graphic style, kinda humerus.
I am not so sure about the depth of the game.

The seriousness of STALKER and Fallout is what made me rise my eye brows.
Maybe as an adult you see thing differently than blazing guns.

Bioshock is the next one since my wife told me to look into it.

Today there are not so many story based adventure games and Fallout 3 and STALKER seem
to be much more story driven.

kbot do it

just for exploring how the games are made they are worth looking into it.

I haven´t finished Fallout 3 yet. Prolly never will, I care too much to snoop into every corner and try to find everything.
As for Borderlands I first was Meh!
Then I heared it´s supposed to be awesome, and last time I grabed it off the sales desk and gave it a go.
I loved it from the intro on and it has lots more depth than I thought.
And Bioshock I want to get the second one, but I haven´t finished the first one yet - which reminds me, Mass Effect. If you like SciFi its just awesome it is like playing in a movie with lots of freedom.

For the adult-seriousness effect I got to admit I liked “Frontline - Fuel of war” although the game kinda sucked, just the 101-straight forward shooter, but the story was actually very believable, almost like breaking news at 6pm believable like.

I guess you follow german eZines like PCGames or GameStar as well, there was a discussion lately about the entertainment games offer. That the price of a game starts to equal 1 hour fun = 1 hour work.
That games cost 60Euro and got 4-6h playtime and it shifts more and more towards the Movietheatre, where you get a 100min movie for meanwhile 10 Euro.

And I find those particular games are a few that give you really a lot for the money the cost, they are just a piece of art that entertains you a lot.

woops, getting carried away. :stuck_out_tongue:

is it only me or bioshock is really boring …i finished the first one but couldn’t finish the second it was too boring .

any one play Age of conan ? ,its really awesome …gameplay ,graphics ,looting ,huge guild wars etc …

Bioshock started to drag on in the end, and the game was more comical than anything else, though the plot twist was pretty good.

It should be noted that at the start of the game development our initially targeted system requirements were much lower. As a result (and due to the lengthy game development) the game can be played well on lower-end systems (the game ships with two renders - DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 one).

I didnt even get through the first one, the combat was ok, but bored me in the end. So did the story, and everything for that matter. The only cool thing was standing in rooms or corridors when they were being flooded with water etc.

wonder why it got that much score …graphics were normal ,gameplay …good ,story nice turn in first one but very dull story in second one .


I actually do not follow the game magazines. Often I pick a game to see how it was made
or looks.

Just by accident I realized how well made STALKER and Fallout 3 are.

I feel when I was 14 with the Amiga 500 the game industry was much better.
Today we only have World of Warcraft, or Counter Strike like games.

Eve online is a milestone if you consider the economy in that game, how trade works
how you can build factions, etc.

Compared to that Fallout was a very welcome game since it provides so much more
stimulation and incentive to look into the 50s and the nuclear holocaust paranoia.
It was more like a role playing game.

Sad how much adventure games - story plot based games - are not on the market anymore.

Today with the 3d cg power we have, you can tell stories so well, like in the cut scenes in STALKER.