Stalker - traitor concept - UPDATE Dec. 10 - Pg. 5

Well now, long time no post.

And before any of you ask, the Witch model is still being worked on. :wink: Just on the side for now, as I have been busy and I need something a little simple/easier to do to get the flow back.

So this is the start of a humanoid body that will eventually become “The Stalker” character based on traitor’s sketch here [edit]Sorry, just so you all know, I did ask him if it was OK to model this character[/edit]:

So here is the start of the mesh in wireframe, for now. I will post some renders when I get the body pretty much done.

C&C is appreciated.


I really liked those edge loops! :smiley:

do you have concept block BgDM? :stuck_out_tongue: you seem to be rendering alot of others concepts, oh well youre doing an excelent job at modelling them!!

Excellent progress BgDM and so fast :slight_smile:

It looks maybe a little bit meatier than the concept drawing, but I know it will develop nicely :wink:

Cool concept by Traitor.

Concept realizations can be fun and challenging.

I’m glad to hear your WIP character will be continued.

Looking forward to more…


here is the one and only stalker
(andrei tarkovski)

but yours look ok too. i like the way you started from the body this time… and, you seem to put some meat to it.


Great project, looks really challenging. I think that creating the look and feel as in traitor sketch can be a very good bases for a cool animation.

Anyway, it looks to me that the body in the wireframe is too broad, to me the sketch looks much thinner.

Oh, and it reminds me of “the wall” for some reason, donno why

You’re taking the words out of my mouth, Basse. I was about to say the same. When I saw the name of the thread I thought for one second:“great! BgDM is doing some stalker fanart!”. :smiley: Stalker is one of my favourite movies.
I’m not disappointed anyways :slight_smile: The concept is great and once again, you’re doing a great job BgDM. Can’t wait to see more. It’s hard to comment any further at this stage. I’ll follow this thread. Promise.
Keep it up.

hey BgDm, great clean modelling as usual from you :slight_smile: Nice concept by Traitor too ( I saw it in Traditional forums, so I wasn’t surprised)
Its quite hard to tell with the long limbs not there yet, but the model seems a bit stockier than the concept. However, that won’t become clear to me untill it is more finished. (the concept is only a side view, and the arms, for instance, do appear quite muscular)

Basse and IgorSandman: Nice to meet to fellow fans of what is perhaps my favourite movie of all time :smiley:

very cool!great concept.cant wait to see more 8)

Good to see some more work out of you :slight_smile: Looking great so far. The mesh looks very clean. My only crit, is as other’s have already said, that it looks a bit to musculer.

This will very interesting…

Keep it up, love the sketch traitor!

WOW! So many replies. Thanks all. I’m actually away on business right now until the 18th, (Las Vegas - hard life huh? :wink: ). Will be back at it once I get back, so no updates until then.

Now, some replies:

Yetzero: Thanks!

Fonix Wircs: LMAO! I must. But as you said, modelling other concepts is a blast.

Robertt: Hey, thanks man. Yeah, it may be a little more muscular, but the sketch seems to have fairly muscular arms, so I fugured it would need to be a little beefier. I will cut in some definition into the body once I have it all laid out. So it should look better then.

basse: I’ll have to check out that movie. Never seen it before, or heard of it either.

shul: We’ll see about an animation. I have gotten a lot bette rat rigging, so a small one may be in order. The body is actually based off of reference images, so that is why it may look a little broad. I can tweak it later to give it better proportions.

IgorSandman: Thanks man.

slikdigit: Thanks. Yes, it is a bit stockier, but I explained that already. Also, I think that it should be a little beefier to show some power and meaness. A scrawny little thing would not really be as scary as a pumped up monster would be. But that’s my opinion.

I’ll be back to the witch after this guy. Just need to get out of a Blender block. Hope the demon is coming along nicely? Haven’t seen an update for a while.

rixtr66: Thanks. And again, glad to see you back here with the group. It’s been too long man.

mr_bomb: Thanks.

Dittohead: Thanks too.

See you all agin in a few days with hopefully some kind of an update.


cool stuff. I don’t mind the stokier body; I just pointed in case you were not thinking of it. keep on going with this, and with the witch- demonpet is on hiatus, but I continue with it after and inbetween some things; I’m going to rig it soon but first I’m working on a "mr. basic " type character with a rig that will be the basis for my next-generation of rigs. I’ll be copying it over and adapting it to the demonpet next.



wow, great stuff BgDM, very clean looking mesh.

thanks also for those with kind comments about the concept :slight_smile:

keep up the good work!


Added arms and basically completed the lower legs. Time for feet and neck and then the face plate/helmet thing. The long things from the fingers are the nails as shown in the concept sketch. Just haven’t changed the material on them yet.

Again, utilizing my skin shader that I posted a while ago with a 3 point lighting system and very low power AO.


i had envisaged the legs to be a wee bit longer, but that may become more apparent when posed with feet on it

i’m really digging this, will you do a full body unwrap? it’d be swell to see this guy with some mean textures…

Does it look better with feet then?

I need to tweak them still. But I think proportions are OK based your sketch now that the feet are there. I think I need to thicker them up some though.


I think the feet need to be longer, and as you said thicker. The toes seem long enough, not thick enough though. Then again, the toes could stand to be a bit longer.

very nice, thats way better now i seet he feet. maybe its a wee bit bulky under the arms? i cant see that area deforming too wel ATM