Stalker - traitor concept - UPDATE Dec. 10 - Pg. 5

really nice work so far

the model already gives me that creepy feeling that the orginal art gave me,so you have captured that very nicely

like you say i think the feet are a little small at the moment, but by the time you have him in the pose you will be able to fix any problems right away.

very impressive work!

Small update for today. Working on the mask:

Some minor texture tweaks are required to fix some stretching and I think I will add a few more layers in both the PSD file and the Blender texture layers.


Another update:


weird… but looks great

mask I like.
but the legs, starting out so muscular, and then … suddenly after knees shrink and strech… I dont know. doesn’t look very good to me. maybe it could work, if you would bend and twist those legs in the end, make them more bony and not leg like…


the metal helmet looks very pink to me, but good work. basse’s comment is also true, i think.

Looks good. Though I have to agree with the above comments. And it appears that the belly button is much to small.

OK, I see what you guys mean about the legs. I think I have it a little better now with some scaling and tweaking:

Here is an update on the mask textures too:

If you all have no other crits on the body, I think it’s time to start the unwrap process. :frowning:


that mask is getting scarier and scarier… excellent job!

what I was actually meaning about the legs, was something like this:

I’m very sorry about ruining the model, and discracing the original concept…
but I had extra couple of minutes, hot cup of coffee, and a little break going on here… so I just couldn’t help myself… :slight_smile:

/me returns to the stfu-corner


basse: I see what you were going for. I like it. However, I want to try and stay true to traitor’s concept. Thanks for bastardizing mmy image though. :wink: :smiley:


Very nice!

I partially agree with basse on legs. Yours are too straight… but his are too convoluted, so they basically change the concept.

Some curved legs, with a smooth radius of curvatore…


LMAO…very nice progress

:o :o :o


very very dark-style!!

it reminds me hell’s bosh pictures…

OK, final update for today. I played with the legs a bit more. Maybe still need some more tweaks?

Added a bump map for the veins in the arms and legs. Need to refine that some more though. Also need to play with the skin shader some too.

Thanks for the input so far everyone. It has defintely helped.


oh great!

I like the organic specularity you have on the material :wink:
just great!

and all the veins and such :smiley:

I think he needs more definition between his two pec, right now hes got a unipectoral muscle. :slight_smile:


I object to the little circular bellybutton… I expected a more elongated one onn such a character :slight_smile:


omg this is so disguisting!
i like it a lot!!!

it is really cool, however i don’t like the nails, they are too plastic like, you shoud make them more organical, like @ndy’s tapper curves test (it’s in the feature test post)

awesome job on everything dewd :o :smiley: