(SGT Squeaks) #1

Heya guys!! I found this game and I think it looks totally sweet!! the graphics are awsome. Its called stalker: Something something ( I forgot :smiley: ) It looks like morrowind but its post apocalyptic.

Check it out!!!

(stukkm) #2

sweeeeeeeeeet! can’t wait for that to come out! hope it’ll run on my graphics card (64mb but not a popular and well supported card, my friend calls it the ‘presidents choice’ card because it’s practically no-name)

(slikdigit) #3

sweet. the movie (by tarkovsky) based on the same book is one of my all time favourites.

(SGT Squeaks) #4

Its a book and a movie? sweet!! I did not know that. BTW, what is the title of the movie and book?

(slikdigit) #5

The movie is Stalker, the book, Roadside Picnic. Both Russian.