Stana female portriat WIP (nudity)

I’ve decided to have a go at creating a likeness of one of my favorite actresses from the show Castle, Stana Katic. Here’s a lil work i got done lastnight.

Here’s an actual test render no special lighting set up. Generic eyes for now aswell.

the reference pics i’m using. below

any advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hello artorious! That’s looking pretty good and if I had a word of advise as an old airbrushy artist it would be to go out and get a book on drawing with a section on the proportions of the human head and recheck all your proportions and where things such as ears are supposed to be. If you had a picture of her looking square on to the camera I’m sure you would find her ears are not that high for example. Cheers and look forward to seeing your finished portrait.

thanks for the advice. I dropped the ears a bit to get them at eye level aswell as shrinking the cranium just a tad aswell and tightening up her lips. I’ll get some new pics up soon as i can :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing them. Cheers.

here’s a few pics of her completed body. no sculpting or textures yet, just rough materials to get a feel for it. i’ll start sculpting tonight. then texturing, then it’s on to clothing and rigging for pose.

here’s one with some hair. it’s horrible, but i wanted to get a glimpse of how it’ll come along.

here’s a couple wires of the body

small update. a test of the tri-layered SSS shader with bump map and a basic texture. The specularity is also too strong on it atm. Still have to make a spec map. She’ll be getting her make up and touch up texturing next. Does the bump map look too strong? should i back it down a lil?

quick lil update. she has makeup now and testing the particle lashes and brows.

here’s a couple of hair particle tests.

Personally i prefer the hair style of the first with the color or the 2nd. still needs lots of work so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi, artorius, I think you matched her face well. In my opinion the first render in the first post and the reference in your second post align very well.

The modelling of her body is a good start, but there are a lot of anatomical issues at the moment. I looked twice at your reference and yes, she has, for example, pronounced clavicles. But you exaggerated that in your model. Your model also has a very strong trapezius muscle. And I could surely name some more. Of course that wouldn’t matter if you plan to show her dressed up in your final render. What are your plans for that if you have decided it already?

Your reference image shows some brighter strands of hair. Perhaps you could use a texture as the color map for the hair to reproduce the brighter strands.

I was thinking her in a sleak black dress, looking over her shoulder back, maybe at about a 45 degree angle, to the camera with hands clasped behind her holding her Sig or a Stiletto blade. (She plays a cop on Castle and was an assasin in Stiletto)
I think the differences in the shoulder area are because as a body model i used pics as she is now. the head model shots i believe are from a few years back. I’ll have to make some adjustments.
Thanks for mentioning the brighter strands aswell. I was literally just noticing that myself a few mins ago while watching an episode lol.

small update. here with the dress and pose. still lots of work to do before. I decided she’ll be holding a gun so that’s still to come along with changes to lighting and the hair will be tweaked, both in structure and color. Also thinking about detailing her bump map even more aswell.

another quick update. the hair is textured. the dress is rerigged. her skin texture has been tweaked just a tad (more to come with that. I wanna detail her bump map more.) And she has or Sig Sauer Pistol. It still needs texture, but i’m going with a base grey/silver color because a black/charcoal gun seems like it’d not stand out against the dress.

the new bump map is done. originally I had just given a skin type texture to the face. Now it spans her body. It’s subtle, but I think it adds to the overall look. I’m going to tweak the texture map a lil more specially in the lips. I’ll also be adding more hair to thicken it up some as well as continue trying to perfect the combing.

To me the face has a rather ‘masculine’ appearance. Are you just using photo references? Do you have access to any artistic anatomy books? Have you ever tried the free Makehuman figure creation program? While there’s no need to copy Makehuman meshes, you can get ideas for proportions from the models you create and import into Blender. Another free program you can download is DAZ Studio which comes with a free set of figures along with some other items. Once again, no need to copy them, but you could use the figures for reference in designing your own meshes.

yes I did reference an artistic anatomy book aswell as the reference pics. I think what might give her the masculine appearance you’re seeing is her pronounced zygomatic arch. I made them more pronounced to reflect her as she is today. the reference pics are from a few years back so I decided to give her a lil more age.

another update. still working on the hair a bit. It’s my first time trying to really get in depth with hair particles so probably a lot of tweaking before I’m satisfied or at least comfortable with it. think I found the coloring that I like best though. The eyes are done and the texturing around the lips has been corrected.

I’m having an issue with getting the collar area of her dress to deform correctly. It’s parented and weighed with the armature aswell as pinned in the cloth simulation. Can anyone tell me if those two things conflict with one another? because it’s not deforming when I move corresponding bones.

This final shot was more testing for me. I strengthed the bump map and spec to see who it would look. going to be weaking it a bit tonight lol. the hair still needs the most work me thinks.

Hey artorious, I see, that you have smoothed some parts of her body - or is it a subsurf modifier? The dress could use some subsurfing also. Especially the upper parts do look a bit low poly.

From the images I think that you are using blender internal render? Have you tried using subsurface scattering. I personally don’t like SSS in many situations but the last render could benefit from that. If you use SSS you will see that this minimizes the visual effect of your bump mapping. So I would recommend to test SSS and bump mapping together.

I saw this only lately:

I’m having an issue with getting the collar area of her dress to deform correctly. It’s parented and weighed with the armature aswell as pinned in the cloth simulation. Can anyone tell me if those two things conflict with one another? because it’s not deforming when I move corresponding bones.

I think that you should either use the weight paint / armature way or the cloth modifier. If you use the cloth modifier you are entering the wide field of animation somehow ;). You have to let Blender play a certain number of frames until the cloth has been fallen into it’s position.

Did you assign collision to her body mesh?

Yes i’m using the Blender Internal. My vid card isn’t cycles compatible unfortunately. I’m using the three layer SSS mapping style from the Kent Trammell tutorials. for that last pic I really ramped up the bump on it as a test just to play around with it.

I definitely need more work on the dress. As it is I do have the upper part of the dress weight painted but the lower part is cloth simmed. I’ll try playing with it more tonight to see if the cloth pinning and the armature are working against each other. I’ll give it another go with the all cloth sim aswell. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: