Stand after action stops?

How do I make my character stop running and stand idle after I release the running button? :smiley:

Hook up the keyboard sensor to a “not” controller, and have that hooked up to your idle actuator.

Could you explain that in a little more noobish language? :o

Are you using armatures? It’s very easy with those.

Have an always sensor attached to your idle animation, and set your idle animation to a high number (like 5) for its priority. Add a few frames of blend if you want it to look smooth instead of abrupt.

Then have your running animation activate with a keyboard actuator, and have its priority number lower than your idle animation’s. Lower priority numbers mean they’ll override animations with higher priority numbers.

That’s it!


Du-hude! That’s wicked sweet! Thank you, bruh! :smiley:

It’d be really cool if we could get a “blend” option and “priority” for IPOs. There are plenty of things I could do with that.

Yeah…:D. Hey, how would I like make it like gravity working on my character? Like how would I make him stay “on” the ground, and then like when he comes to a hill, he follows the incline instead of going thru it?