Stand alone or stand still?

Lately bge has been giving me a very hard time, this time, light.
Simple scene: 57 objects, 5690 faces, 11288 tris… one spot light.
On standalone it barely makes it to 25 fps and the rasterizer peaks every time a new object appears on camera, reducing the speed to a delicious 3 fps for a few seconds.
One spot light. That’s all it takes.
Not even that. One light (any light).
Anyone care to venture a guess?

Do you have an ATI as GPU?

yes, yes i do

trash it.

today i changed with a Nvidia with less stats and i got 60fps stable with every game that i created in BGE , +20fps in every game installed, and i can play in 3d view window without blow inside case.

change to Nvidia. also a lower edition, simply keep the MB range and the Bus. (at least you will have good drivers always updated)

ATI = good in the 1st week of purchasing, later, no driver update, no compatiblity with nothing created later than it.

Nvidia = love.