Stand Mixer

Finally got a new machine so that I could render this stand mixer that I modelled a couple months ago. It is not of any specific model, but combines features of many models and generations of mixers.

I think it is modeled very nicely. The simplicity of the background doesn’t draw the viewer away from the mixer.
The material used on the base does make me think it is made of a plastic that is not durable for that type of mixer. Remembering from what my father had, this looks accurate (but he had a slightly different model).

Just noticed this on your sketchbook thread. It’s great! Are you using a glossy shader or the anisotropic shader on the metal of the mixing bowl and band that goes around the mixer head? It doesn’t look quite like the brushed metal of the real thing, but that might have to do with the number of samples or something.

nice render. reminds me of an espresso machine I did a while back. You can have a look if curious, it’s in my sig.

Great model. Only things I can see are the shader on the metal looks off, and the cord doesn’t seem to be the right color. Like @Tyto said, is it glossy or anisotrophic? And as for the cord, shouldn’t it be white? Don’t have much experience with these mixers, but from what I’ve seen of others, they don’t have orange cords. Correct me if I’m being an idiot, please.

You aren’t being an idiot, mrmagician, but these mixers last a godawful long time, and they are expensive enough that they tend to be repaired rather than replaced. A lot of heavy duty extension cords are exactly that shade of orange, and that might be the material of choice for a handyman repairing some damage to the electrical cord.

Hi Toucan, this is a really great render; it is modeled wonderfully :slight_smile: For me, three things let it down. The firs two are very minor and probably are just me: firstly, where the counter meets the wall is off. You can see they meet directly and need some shading (I think, not to sure). Secondly, I think the counter material should be changed. For me, because it is different from most counter tops I have seen, I am drawn to looking at it instead of the mixer, which is really what I want to be looking at. And, lastly, the biggest let down for me is the material on the bowl. It looks as though it has been beaten or something. I feel it should be smoother. Other than that, great render :slight_smile: