Standalone Animation not consistent with Embedded

Hey I have a game that seems to work great in the embedded player. But when I export to an exe one camera animation dosent work.What I mean is that the animations seems to have no effect on the camera. I’m new to blender so this is probably really simple. The problem is that it works fine in the embedded player, this makes it really hard to debug. Are there any differences between the two players that i am overlooking? Advice is greatly appreciated.

I’m using Blender 2.64
Windowns Xp 32bit

Did you try to isolate the issue? I mean, if you would have a scene with only the effect, than you could actually know that there may be something wrong with that setup.

I noticed inconsistencies as well, where an animation plays smoothly in the embedded player but is choppy in standalone at the same resolution.

Try a more recent build of Blender. Some bugs with the standalone player were fixed recently.

Ya I updated blender it didn’t seem to help at first but then I changed the frame rate and it worked fine. Either way it pretty much works now. =)