Standalone/exported game mode malfunctioned

My game runs fine in the embedded player, but when I open the standalone in-game version, or the exported runtime version, it opens fine but the view is completely black. The lighting settings for the embedded and the standalone player aren’t different, are they? Otherwise, could it be the because of the machine I am running it on?

This is the wrong section for this thread; it should be in Game Engine Support and Discussion. As for your problem, are you running the standalone player from Blender, or are you actually creating a game executable? Launching the standalone player from Blender doesn’t work with external Python scripts, which might the issue if you’re using an external script to load up your game / switch scenes.

EDIT: After reading your post more carefully, I see that it’s not just the standalone in Blender that is the problem. When using the standalone executable, it will use the scene that is saved on when you save the blend file (if I recall), and the camera that is the ‘local scene camera’. Ensure that the camera is correctly set. You can see what the game engine will probably see by clicking the chain next to the 20 layer buttons on the 3D view footer. Press 0 to ensure that it’s looking through the camera, and that the correct camera is selected.

Thanks for replying. I didn’t realize I posted this in the wrong place.

I have a script that sets the scene/camera that works fine on the embedded player, and I saved the file with the starting scene as the active scene. Did I do something wrong?

It doesn’t sound like it, but I’m not sure without a blend file. Is the script executing correctly?

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What graphics card do you have?