Standalone Player acts different than embeded

Hello, I’m having some trouble with the standalone player in my game. In the embed player it works really great (all the animations) however in the standalone the animation stops after 2 or 3 times. I have a 8 sec animation when I press a key, that works everytime with embeded player, but in the standalone it stops working after a few times.

What may be causing this? I’m on a Mac.

Always test your game in the standalone, the embedded wont let you now about all bugs.
What you can do is, check your armature, the modifier is it at the top of the list? if not place it at the top and it should work.

Did you also check the console output?

I don’t have armatures here. I’m using a Action animation that makes the figure open and close the mouth (pacman style) when is going each side, but on the standalone it stops after change direction while in the embeded no. Plus, when I get hit in the embeded it works fine (change location to the center) but yet in the standalone it gets ‘stuck’ in the center when hit. :frowning:

sounds like you have made a mistake somewhere, i would suggest to create a demo file and upload it so we can take a look at it, due to its to hard to imagine your problem.

Just found out wasn’t a mistake. I have animation for each key direction (up, down, left, right) if for some reason I press two keys simultaneous the animation will stop work. (makes sense because the blender doesn’t know how to react to that). Is there any way to prevent this to happen other than not pressing the keys simultaneous? Thank you.

yes, you can make a wire mess with logic bricks.

For example:
You use AND to connect the sensor and actuator.
You can add NAND to react on the negative pulse of the sensors


W->Nand->connect it to all animations except for the W key
S->Nand->connect it to all animations except for the S key
A->Nand->connect it to all animations except for the A key
D->Nand->connect it to all animations except for the D key

now connect the AND from the w key with the animation of the w key
repeat for all keys.

this should work (not tested)

Another option:
put animations on different layers (0 will play before 1, so the lower the number the higher priority it has to play)

or another option:
use a property to define the direction.
w->and->property (set a property to lets say forwards)
“”->""-> movement
then property(equal to forwards)->and -> play animation

to end it you add a keyboard sensor (hit all keys hit invert) -> and -> property(set it to blank or something that does not define a animation)

Changing priorities worked. Thank you!