Standalone player wont open certain .blend files

Hi i have a pretty major problem which is destroying my motivation to work on my project. blenderplayer.exe or trying the standalone player option in blender wont start certain projects that i have been working on. The project are some of my best projects, and its a shame that i cannot export them. Is this a known issue?

My only guess is that its the filesize, its way bigger than the working files. the one that works is 1863 kb and the two that dont are 7831 and 18 875 kb. Any help appreciated. Using 2.79 and windows 10 64bit.

without more information, like what kind of things are you doing (weird things?), we cant really help.

so, what exactly do you mean, “doesnt work”. i have been able to open blends of all shapes and sizes (several 100 mb!!).

the ideal solution is to export a menu, which then uses the start game brick to open maps. or, use the command line to run blenderplayer.exe with you blend as the argument.

Look at your Blender’s System Console to see if you get any errors after you try to run the Blenderplayer.

  1. My guess is that your missing some build files.
  2. You may have a incompatible Blenderplayer for the blend fiiles you are trying to export.
  3. Make sure you even have Blenderplayer installed in your Blender application folder.

After hours of experimentation i found out what was causing the issue. It was the fact that i had checked the “fullscreen” option on the standalone player. for some reason this breaks the game.

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