Standalone Question

After downloading svn source, building, and installing and running Blender with ./blender, I wanted to ask a question about standalone.

Can you run a blender build as a standalone without installing the program into the OS?

thank you Richard,

I replied on the other thread. I do not know if I should have just posted it here.

I just want to ask for clarification.

if you build a blender svn file and cmake and install it using the directions on:

and you copy and paste the resulting “blender-svn” file on a seperate drive than it should work as a standalone?

@animaguy, yes, but there can be issues if the target system misses libraries ( for example), openexr, libtiff, libspnav (for space navigation… etc).

So to make a portable build on linux you have 3 options.

  1. staticaly link libraries - we do this for official builds. (reference .a files rather then .so files in cmake)… if you’re distrobution doesnt provide static libs you may need to build your own which gets annoying.

  2. distribute libs with the blender binary and set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in a shell script that runs blender - firefox, maya, skype, openoffice — all do this.

  3. use a tool to make dynamic links static -
    … I didnt try with blender and its a nonstandard way, but mentioning for completeness.

is their any documentation on how to staticaly link libs by blender standards that you are aware of?