Standing Stones

I will be making some small changes to the colour grading or contrast, but I’m also interested to hear some other opinions or feedback.

There’s clearly a discrepancy between the sharpness of the photo and the render, so I should maybe add a slight blur, and/or some sensor noise.

I based the shapes of the stones on real examples, mostly the stones at Callanish. The backplate is my own.
It isn’t a perfect composite, but it’s maybe easier for me to see the flaws since I made them. :slight_smile:

Looks a little flat. Maybe you could either add a light source or increase the contrast a little

The rocks appear to have a slight transparency in spots.

I like the “dead” winter light.

Some friends pointed out the lichens on the right were too bright, so I have toned that down some.

The apparent partial transparency is genuinely a coincidence. When you zoom in you can see those shadows don’t align with the background trees. However, it might still be worth repainting the stone textures to remove it.

I like the snow detail, I dont see a problem with the lichens, all I would change is to make the stones a little darker for contrast.