stange face in edit mode

sometimes i end up with a facd with a weird look

anybody knows what this is?

see pic


That is how 2.46 displays the Active selected face. You selected all for vertices around the face, so the face was selected automatically.

this is an after effect
in the pic nothing was selected anymore but still see the area like if it was selected

the only way to remove this this is to erase that face only then redo the face?

which is weird


No, DichotomyMatt is right. Just like in Object Mode, there is now an active “object” in Edit Mode.

I think the thing that is confusing is that if you select the Face in Face select mode, it gets highlighted. If you then change to Vertex select mode, you can select a vert that is not connected to that face and the face still stays highlighted. The highlighting only seems to follow Face select. I don’t know if this has to do with the new UV editing or what.

any specific doc on this new behavior

your loosing me with this new feature
the face stays like selected face even if i come back to unselected object
so that’s looking like something is wrong or unselected

i’d like to know how to get rid of it wihtout having to redo the face

yeah, is there a way to turn this active face highlight off?

erase the face then redo it
and th pain is gone!

that’s all i found so far

if you have another way let me know


it really doesn’t do anything as far as I can see, so just live and let live

I’m fairly sure that it IS related to UV mapping Matt. UV Face select always had an active face that reflected the changes you would make, then you had to copy it to the other faces, especially with respect to draw mode. Ergo I’ll stake my claim on it indicating the active face that will be used for UV map related options. If you go to edge or point mode, it stays there unless until you select a different face.