Stans Python Editor - Python Version

Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded SPE, but when I try to run it I get the following:

‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback
You need to install at least wxPython v2.5.4.1 to run SPE.
Get it from

Is Blender compatable with wxPython v2.5.4.1?

Thanks for your time

is blender compatible with it? blender doesnt’ get in the way.

SPE is written entirely in python, but uses one or two libraries that are not. However, being written in python SPE will have the same issues in blender as any other windowed application.

that is, if you start SPE from blender [you can run it seperate, but running it from blender lets your scripts access your scene and whatever it feels like] then while SPE is running blender does not respond. When ANY script is running in blender blender will not respond… SPE is no exception, as much as you might expect or want it to be.

[when using SPE outside of blender for editing a script in blender the control+r shortcut in the text window [reload text file] is very useful]

z3r0 d,

Thanks for the info!