Star background flicker

Hi chaps first post here, I’m pretty new to blender as well.

I created a starry backdrop using particles based of a tutorial I saw. I looks OK in single frames, but when i try animating it the “stars” seemed to flicker on and off.

These are the settings i have on the sphere which is surrounding the scene.

I think it may have something to do with the start/end/lifetime of the particles but im not sure. Any help is appreciated, (also if you have any suggestions to make the sun a bit more “sun-like”).

Make the stars live longer! Make them appear all at once, so Start 0, End 1 and live for the duration of the animation. 120?

Also, be sure you’re rendering at 100% since the stars are set to a .5 size - pixelation can cause flickering too when an object is smaller than the pixels available to show it, it appears, ‘off’ until the next pixel can show it. That happens a lot in stripes and flecks as you have here.

I had tried making them live the full duration before when starting them at 1, I didn’t know it could start at 0 though. Ill be sure to give it a go, thanks for the help!

They are flickering less now, but it is still “shimmering” (although this may just be light reflections?.

I have another problem though, the stars are now shining through the sun and are visible as shiny dots?? can someone explain this?

Anyone got any ideas?