Star Control 4! That won't stink!

Hola Pkunkos!

Remember Star Control?

The image is from the site where site where the Open-Source version of StarControl 2 resides (code was released in 2002). It’s fun, at least the first 20 times you play it.

Well, apparently the Interstellar Frungy League has been up to something. The authors of the original two games (not the third one, which almost gave the series a bad name except that fans somehow deny it ever existed) are ready and willing to start work on a third installment.

Apparently, signing the petition isn’t always a waste of time… which comes as much as a shock for me as it does to you.

I am expanding! It is so much squishy to smell you!
Campers are the best! I have anticipation and then what?
Better parties in the middle for sure.


Paul is a god, and the sooner you realize it the faster we can trick him into believing it. Archon and Archon: Adept, oh yea definitely. But SC? There’s your godhood. I think it was my first MCGA game, 256 colors?! NO WAY.

Hardest dogfight between two veteran SC pilots? Vox vs Spathi. Although funniest is Siren vs Ur-Quan flying by at superspeeds and drawing out his guys to splat into the planet.

Where’s my cane? Damn I feel old all the sudden…

edit: WAIT WAIT! that “oh shit!” moment when you saw the star systems waving back and forth and were like what the hell is this… and then [click!] you figured out it was rotating in three dimensions. I remember that feeling well. There was no shading, but changing the palette mapped colors lighter and darker to indicate distance… it was brilliant.