Star destroyer

I was taking a break from my latest work, and decided to make a star destroyer. I’m just kinda blundering through this, adding this and that here and there whenever something strikes me as a good idea, the file can be found at the bottom of the page,
I have the empire strikes back song for soundtrack, and I have a good sized animation…
This is really just to teach myself animation with a soundtrack, so it’s not likely that I will add more detail to my star destroyer; I will mainly deal with lighting, maybe moving the camera, getting the star destroyer to move more fluidly, and probably making a turret turn and fire at the screen or something to end the animation in a blinding flash of light.

to make it look smoother try only putin gkey frames in only Key postisions. you have them on every fram and you would only need like five to make this animation, it fact Im surpised how smooth it is at this point. you do know it make the positions between frames for you if you put them farther apart right?