Star Fighter Concept

A Quick Intro
This ship started as a kind of doodle on my lunch break on day. All I had created then was an engine. I spent almost a week creating possible designs for the fuselage. I’m pretty happy with where that has ended up.

Original Idea

I was trying to become more familiar with the use of boolean operations in Blender, so I started playing with some shapes. I also wanted to do as little actual modeling as possible and let the modifiers do most of the work.

Fuselage Ideas
I had started a few ideas for the body, but was not finding anything I liked.





Oh yeah!

Creating Paneling
Once I settled on a shape, I just started stacking boolean after boolean until it had the look I was going for.

Once the booleans and modeling were done, I still needed to fix all that awful topology.

The Current State
Now that the physical parts are complete, I can focus on materials. I have a basic set of materials created and everything has had it’s UVs unwrapped to a single 4K image. I want to try out some different software to push the material further, as well as bake it all down to a low poly mesh.

What’s Next?
I still need to create the cockpit and internal armaments, as well as animate it all. I have to take a break from this and focus on some other projects for the time being, but I’ll update this post as I get back to it! Let me know your thoughts on it all!

As always, my finished works can be found on Artstation, and all in-progress shots are posted on Instagram as they happen.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’m new to blender but learning from others WIP’s such as yours. I usually tried to avoid booliens in the past and modeled everything. This process flow of using many booliens and limiting modeling is an approach I’ve not tried before. I will look at this further. I really like the mapping precision with all the scuff marks on the guns and such so nice work.


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Hi. Thanks for commenting! Yes, this workflow takes some practice (That was the major purpose of creating this), but once you get it down it makes adjusting things as you go much easier than if you were to just dive into modeling every bit of it by hand. Booleans are a big challenge on there own until you learn what kind of things interfere with them working correctly.

The thing that helped me to most to learn these things is by far a course by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov. It’s available on Blendermarket. It does costs some, but it saves a whole lot of time wading through useless tutorials to find the few gems out there. This course is usually a prize in the frequent challenges from CG Boost as well :slight_smile: . I’m not affiliated with any of these guys. I’m just a fan boy trying to help out.

I also post most of my in progress stuff on Instagram if you want to follow along there :slight_smile: Comment and ask questions. It will help both of us learn and advance!