Star Fish

This is a character I am working on for a cliant. It will be the logo for this non-for-prophit organization name Sea Stars. Any cratekes apreciated.

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you should look at some photos of starfish yours seams a little to extuded.
i like the mouth although i think you should sentralise the face on the starfish’s body and lose the googles make him yellowy and keep you texture (although on the top part the texture is streching).

after all that i bet you think i hate it :stuck_out_tongue: your wrong I like it espesially the eyes and face but i think he would look a LOT better in a pose. maybe thats all he really needs.

I like him a lot. His skin has a sort of rubbery feel, which is good. I was thinking maybe a bathing suit or baggy shorts.

get rid of the bump map or whatever is catching the light on the right side cause it looks more like he has a rash of open sores on his arm than spots.


Here is an update. This character is for a non-for-profit organization. They are a small group of inner city kids who swim in deferent swim meets, and other group swimming events. Any way, let me know what you think. I added eyelids and took the secular highlight off the character.

  • Atariman -

I liked him better before.

now he looks frumpy give him back his smile and i think it will rock maybe add some swim gear or a life saver with some text

starfish is great, a smile would be nice, as tmtechie said, and i say;
if you have enough time, make the eyes a bit better, i know you don’t want realistic, but maybe a tranparent cornea and more stylish material for the eye itself?

anyway, its great model, ,maybe going overkill for a logo?

it’s great


I like the idea of changing the eyes. I can make him smile if needed. I have him rigged with a temporary rig. I will make a few changes when I get a chance. Thanks for all of your comments. It is really apreciated. I am about done with this character. I plane to work on his rigging next. Then, I plan to work on some animation. As for creating the logo, I will use the 3d character as a reference character. I will use it in a vector program such as Corel Draw to make a logo design for letter heads and business cards. The 3d character will be used for web animation and a potential commercial ad that will run on local channels. I will post an update soon.

I think the goggles should be alittle bigger and maybe you shoud use toon edge’s.At least try and see if it would fit the web environment better.and maybe alittle more nor value for his skin texture.Otherwise it looks good :smiley:

I assume you were inspired by this: