Star Fleet

I made a new spaceship model! It looks really good so far!

good work! however, im not sure of the background. it seems to be out of focus. it keeps taking my attention away from the spaceship

There is this thing called lost and found edges. So if you were to make some of your edges disappear into the background it would bring some realism into it. I’m not sure how you would do that in 3d however - I’m interested. If you have a way to desaturate things that are further away that adds to realism. If you were to desaturate the background just some it would help bring the eye to the main parts. Think about where your climatic point of interest is and make the eye go to it. So in 3d I am not sure how we would do these things exactly. When A object is in 3d how would we create a climatic point when there is more than one angle ? lighting ? atmosphere ? In 2d I would know just what to do but in 3d I have some learning still. Maybe someone else will jump in here and give more tips. Im going to watch this post.