Star Fox, anyone?

(SeaCigar) #1

Sorry, its not a reality yet, but I believe a game very similar to starfox could be made very easily using the blender engine… Well, its just an Idea. If no one uses this Idea, then I will when I get spare time. Buh bye :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pooba) #2

I was thinking of making a starfox plan before, and like so many others, it never got carried otu :stuck_out_tongue:

BUt it would be pretty easy!


(saluk) #3

This was like, the second or third game I tried to make in blender. Without much skill with ipos (for enemy movement) or timing (for enemy creation) or parenting (to make sure everything is positioned right) or modeling (to make things look relatively ok) I didn’t get very far. I’ve always wanted to try and make it again, now that it would be pretty easy for me, but never had the time. If you get some free time, go for it!

(Ecks) #4

Hey seacigar…you want to begin another game and you didn’t finish your other one??? Was I working on my level for nothing???

(SeaCigar) #5

:-? emmm… no, X. That is what I meant by “when I get free time”. It will be a while before I even think about starting a new game. If I was planning on starting another one, I wouldn’t have told others my Idea, I would have just done it. I’m not that wishy-washy; the kirby game IS my senior project, you know.