Star import

Hi all,

this is my first addon to be released. I wrote it for colleagues at the observatory I am working and allowes
to import an ASCII-table with precalculated coordinates in the format

t x y z (F)

(t=time, x,y,z=coordinates, F=brightness [optional]) which is used to keyframe a spherical object to depict a star.
It also sets up a basic material for the star, which can be tweaked without using the node editor.

Here are some screenshots:

The option is added to the “add”-menu:

The options in the tool bar:

The shader which is set up:

This is how the star looks like:

The coordinates and the brightness are keyframed:

And here is a very simple animation just to show how it looks like:

I hope that I can change the keyframing method to a constraint-method with a path soon, as it may be more convenient for the orientation of the objects.

Here is the script:

Maybe it is useful for someone here, too.
Any comments are welcome!

Best regards,