Star Performance Games

Ok, I’m Nick…

so coming here and becoming a part of the web community has been a long time coming, and is way over due.

I own a business called Star Performance Games, we are a non-profit organization actually.

Our main work is in making a video game that we are making right now. The entire video game is being made in Blender (The latest always), we’ve been making this video game for a long time, and has been a very serious project. 2007 is our big year, and we hope to gain support from people Blender Artists, and any other people. for our deadline for release is December 7th, which happens to be 363 days from today.

I have many queries about Blender, Python and the game engine, as could be guessed.

This video game we are making falls into the same general category as the Grand Theft Auto series, being a “sandbox” style game.

If you want to read about us and stuff to do with the game, head on over to, if you have any questions, I’m gonna try and be around here as much as needed, because I as well have questions.

I hope a good relationship can be made between myself, StarPG and everyone here. :slight_smile:

…You haven’t on your website, or here, shown us ANYTHING you’ve done. Sorry, but that ranks you with all the other wannabe game makers so far. Can you prove me wrong? Do you have any screenshots or gameplay vids at all? Even a model?



At least he doesn’t seem to be actually recruiting, more introducing…

it hasn’t been updated in about 3 months, beause we had a very unfourtunate hard drive loss, and even our backups…but here’s the directory, of our first screenshots of the city…and I think one or 2 buildings

and guys…talk to me, dont give me shit…it’s crap like that which made me not want to sign up here…people that just dish out shit to people with new ideas or whatever…

please don’t tell us not to dish out our honest opinions. if you have been lurking around here then you would’ve seen that we do indeed have too many “start-up” and lousy intro/attempt to recruit at times and your first post looks exactly like that. If you don’t want to recieve shits from us then post a good post at first instead of just giving a partial info or whatever. Even a mention of the hard drive failure and upcoming screenshot would keeps us from thinking that “Star Performance Games” is just another one of those crappy start-up group and whatnot. (I know I’m a little vague at parts here but it is late here)

At least you posted again which removes you from a larger percentile of the worse “start-up” group shown here (cause many of them have never even responded or broke down too quickly or whatnot) so we might will be easier on you from now on as long as you follow the forum rule and try not to annoy too many members too much :slight_smile:

now since that part’s done, WELCOME to and hopes that you do indeed continue to prove us wrong :smiley:

Heh, You said it.

  • You have next to nothing, that’s why people are skeptical.
  • No one forced you to sign up here, no one is forcing you to stay.You want to make games with blender, you do it by learning the GE:

Then when you have some specific questions, that are not that well covered on the wiki, or there is something specific that you have trouble with, ask in the Game Engine forums.

proving something wrong is very childish. especially in the sence you are talking. In February I am incoorporating my company in the province of british columbia. to us, this is going to be huge, beacuse it’s been years coming, and finally we will have a ligitamite professional backing of our own company. this is no small wannabe anything.

Showing others what you’re doing I guess, is just too out of what we have on our minds…to be anything of a priority.

I appreciate being welcomed. I’m sorry that the website has pretty much nothing on it…I want to respond to what the last guy just said…we dont have anything on the website yet. no I know we dont…like I said…priorities… We have a LOT made to this point. …again…like I said…questions…if you want to know sometihng I’ll answer…

starpg, no one cares at all unless you have something really concrete to show, and HAVE A BETTER ATTITUDE.

As of now, you have more or less, nothing.

And, oh SURPRISE, you’re not offering any money.

What have you honestly shown us that sets you apart from the usual HAI GUYZ IM MAKIN A GRATE MMO COME HELP PLZ THX noob that we get all the time in here.

So unless you have some screens or cash to offer, not only should you refrain from making this look like you’re gracing us with your offer, but you sure as hell shouldn’t be throwing out some condescending attitude to people WHO ARE BEING POLITE TO YOU.
Honestly, I wouldn’t blame Saxofoner for saying GTFO, but he instead took the time to write a decent post. Next time, show respect that anyone thought it worth spending time to reply to your thread at all.

honestly. this is bullshit
Honestly, you guys have no life if your gonna give me shit like that.
I have a great attitude, and dont have nearly any attitude when it comes down to web communities that want something for anything, and have something arrogant to say about everything.

We have lots to show for, and in Spring we will be dealing with money, anyways, the reason I came here was to tell people about this game we’ve BEEN MAKING. to get some people interested, the game’s gonna be free, and we’re already in a position on another website…one that supports us making the game…that we’re gonna give them special edition DVDs once DKBeta is released next year, featuring the entire game’s models, python scripts, videos on the making, and probably more stuff.

And to think that I was trying to be nice to this prick.

Well f*** that now.

It’s people like you who put bad names on web communities.
Continue giving shit, seriously, it’s making you look worse.


ten chars

umm we are not exactly arrogant but we do have seen too many failed start-up and your original post had not dispelled that idea about your company but right now with you responding, we can see that you are a real member and that you are serious about the game. One of the reason why valarking mentioned that you are not offering any money at the moment is that if there IS a monetary offer then it make the company looks more official cause like valarking said, there are too many inexperienced people trying to start-up without enough resources like money and whatnot. Please forget about all of the previous posts and don’t let it make you want to leave this great community. Just try to take time to familarize yourself with the members around here cause despite this community being great there IS a bunch of nut-case around here that you might do well to not take so seriously (like valarking, though a good number of his posts have some valid opinions/points to it)

We are also tired of people who respond without thinking it throughly (just look at the member, Cyborg Dragon) so when you just retort with things like “It’s people like you who put bad names on web communities. Continue giving shit, seriously, it’s making you look worse.” people here will be just annoyed with you and it will make you look worse instead. remember, some of us have been here for a while and have learned how to deal with each other and when somebody new come by and can’t accept our opinions or reasoning, we have very little reason to think how to answer good throughly.

it is not that we don’t like you or your company, it is just that we have seen too many failed start-up and your first post simply made us think that this was oanother one of those. But now we know it is not, we can take you for real and actually discuss stuffs with you. Just please try to understand how we feel about certain situations like the one mentioned above (about the failed start-up) so you can identify with us and not have to go through another waste of a argument.

My suggestion is that if this thread continue to bother you then please try to post in another threads giving goods responses so we can see what you are like and whatnot. just gives each other time to understand each other then our understanding of each other will be better :slight_smile:

…thinks about things

I’ve been trying to get you guys to talk…so you can do exactly that…get to know me, and not give me all this shit…this shit I just wrote a full 3 or 4 paragraphs about…then copied and pasted it into notepad…because I read the post you just made… I just wanted to make some friends of sorts on this forum…cause I love blender, and all of us making the game do as well…we changed all of our computers to Blender from Softimage.
3 years of designing and concepting this game is no ameture project, or wannabe creation. we’ew doing this for real.

Once I get a few days off from other work I have right now, I will post some more, in other threads and whatnot.

Hmm…Nah, I call bullshit.

That is, unless you can prove any of that. Can you?

if you wanna “call bullshit” then your not a very nice person, if you ask me. I hate repeating myself, but proving something to someone is not a high priority, we’re making a game, the fact we are going to be a registered and incoorporated business I think is proof enough that there is no joking or “lost cause” involved.

If feel it’s neccessary for me to want to stay here on this forum, maybe I’ll get some more screenshots up… until then go look at the city in its early stages…the link is in my post from earlier…

Yes some of us are giving shit to you but like I said earlier, we have seen too many failed start-up and your post just happened to look like one waiting to happen. Just try to continue posting good and valid opinions and points around here and there. Once you start to do this, we’ll start taking you for real and it will makes it easier to make friends here. Just try to stay and listen to the general advices this community gives.

I know you may have tried to work on your paragraphs for this but don’t expect your posts to alway be looked at in a good light cause one of the biggest thing I’ve learned on this forum is to not take things way too seriously. My advice to you is to just leave a thread you have serious issues with alone and start over.

Another advice I have for you is to use the edit button on the bottom of your post to add the links and other informations to your first post so when the other members open this thread, they will see that you do have informations to provide and that you have had put a lot of real effort in your project.

Now that you have included a little more information, your project sound like a cool idea despite my not being skilled enough to help you out with :frowning:

when someone gets some time…we’ll have this updated with some nice screens of buildings or somethin…

otherwise…I’m gonna get to some work…redscientist thanks for thinking about your posts, and for the advise…ttyl

Like i said earlier there are some members that just aren’t nice or easily convinced, social seems to be one of them so try not to take him too seriously. :slight_smile:

this should not be required for you to stay here cause you can still ask around at the support forum for info and helps (we tends to be nicer/serious/honest outside the off-topic forum), though more details about your game is alway good :slight_smile:

hopes to see you around this forum :smiley: if you need any forum-related help let me know and I’ll try to give you all of the necessary info though I’m not a moderator or administrator here.