Star Ship & Hanger - WIP

I’m not sure what to call this one yet… but yea… this is my new project, as of yesterday. Still working on my Blender skills… I’m able to move a lot faster now. :smiley:

This is the work so far… No serious textures, still touching up the mesh. At the back of the ship, you’ll see two huge openings in the center. Those are for doors… Haven’t added those yet.


Looking good so far! I think you might want to add some more detail to the body of the ship and maybe add some boosters in the back. Great start though!

Hey it’s only day 2 :stuck_out_tongue: One can only add so much detail in one sitting. lol Thx for the comments
Day 1 = hull… Day 2 = some detail… Day 3 = more detail lol

Minor update…

How does this look?


Looks better! I like the flame but it is way too dark. Maybe brighten it up a bit and add some stars in the background. Great work so far!

add more light…maybe turn on AO

hit F8 and youll see a tab that say Amb Occ click that and click the ambient occlusion

It is on… Not sure why it still renders so dark. I’ll add more lights when I do the next render

It shouldn’t be that dark with AO on. Makes sure it’s set to ‘add’.

Here’s a test render of the engines… Ignore the background for now. It’s still under heavy construction.

AO is on and ADD is selected. The reason it’s dark is because the ship’s material is a very dark metal. With the background, it brightens things up.

Add one bright hemi and sun with some nice shadows. You are not busy with your final scene ,so use those lights, just to show us your model. You dont need to setup any material , before your modeling is done.

I cant see much of your ship in the dark, but as far as I can see - looks good. :slight_smile:

Keep it up.
Take care

EDIT:Nice flames by the way. I just think it must go further and way faster

Thes hip model is complete. That’s the only reason it’s textured. Now for the scene around it… I have a long way to go. Since it’s in a hanger in space… Things will be a bit dark. But when I add the lights from the ceiling it’ll help out.

That is my first particle system attempt… And it did come out very nice. I do agree… the flames should be faster. :slight_smile:

Here’s an update.


And my final update for the day… I’m going to add more detail to the ship and then I may post a wire screenshot for critique. Since i’m a BleNoob I really don’t know the “best” methods for modeling and detail but these projects I’ve been doing for the past few weeks have sharpened my skill greatly.


yes, looking very nice, however maybe you should think about the materials after you finish the moddeling of the ship? as the other said though, some detail would be good, and the front of the ship looks too…straight (IMO anyway) still, keep at it!

P.S- if Raytracing is not enabled AO wont work. (just a thought)

Here’s another update… Ignore that small grey rectangle that’s kinda floating… That is my “human-size” comparing object. lol


More updates… Ignore the distortion on the left side of one of the images… The camera lens needed to be adjusted before I did the render but I forgot to… and IMO, to show a WIP there was no need to wait another hour for one render. :no:

So here’s the work so far… comments are welcome.


Here’s another render… I’ve been adding materials to objects… About to work on some lightning so I wanted to show a shot before-lightning adjustments.


That last pic remindes my of the last level in halo 1. Looks good im a little confused though is that black ship in a even bigger black ship.

The ship that was designed and modelled in the beginning is just inside a hanger now… I’m not sure if i’ll continue to design of a huge battle ship too… (I may… I could really just duplicate the hanger along the sides and create a hull…) I do need to give it a distinct name though… I’ll put that on my to-do list.

But that may come later. I’m a noob to Blender so this is my 3rd learning project… Once I finish the lightning and materials i’m going to GIMP it into a nice wallpaper. Thanks for the comments. If I decide to continue the scene and build a battle ship with a fleet, I will continue this thread with those WIP shots.