finally got YafRay to work.

YafRay + Photoshop

click here, I think

that looks great. :smiley:

one crit though. i think it would look better if you increases the lighting of the seen.

good work, very abstract-ish

What do you mean “finally got YafRay to work”?
It’s there, click on it and it works.

Thank you Catfish, Increasing the lighting now. I was going for kind of abstract-y.

And vliegtuig, my computer does not like me, at all. if it had the choice, i think, it would rather blow up in my face than work at all. as you can see it has problems. I had to download YafRay in multiple places multiple times to try to use it.

Rendering star-thing. coming up in a few minutes. [edit] going to take forever actually.

Yeah, been there. Got the craterface to prove it :]
Good luck on your yafray work. Note, it can sometimes take ages to render.
But the results are quite often outstanding.
You could use HDRI for your star-thingie to get some nice reflections, since its glass and all. Which brings us to caustics (light deformations through the glass) as well.

I tried to make the lighting better but I failed. O well. How do you use HDRI s? I sorta-kinda know what they are but have no idea how to use them. anyways added a few lights inside the thing and forgot an external one. much photoshoppin here.

here you go.

o by the way how do you get the image in the post without a link?

You do:

![Complete Url to your image here](Complete Url to your image here)

tried it, doesnt quite seem to work.

lemme try again.

yes, there you go, it seems i was entering the wrong urls.

You need to post the direct link of the image like this:

To see the direct link: Right click -> properties and there he is!


Wow, it looks 3 times better now. I like it veree mutch :smiley:

Follow this link.
They tell you step by step how to do it.

oh! thank you very much vliegtuig, that helped alot. I don’t think that I’ll use it on this though, because of my apprehension towards the render time, but I will definitely use these HDRI things in other works. :smiley: