Star Trek: Blender, a new Blender site

(locutus) #1

A new Blender site is complete:
I present
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Star Trek: Blender :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
The site for 3D Star Trek models, tutorials, galleries and Star Trek gaming.
Visit it now:
Send me your feedback,
Rashid Al-Marri

(S_W) #2

WOW! Fantastic! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been waiting my whole life for a Blender site like this! Keep you great work up! :smiley:

(kroopson) #3

Not bad, not bad - phasers and shields tut is pretty good 8)

(theresnothi) #4

Ok, this is a room full of gold pressed latinum to a Ferengi ror me! I’ve been looking for decent trek models in the blender format, but have never found any. Thanks a lot, live long and prosper!

(0ptikz) #5

Hey Locutus of Borg,

Great site! I’m downloading some of the meshes as I speak.

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that you used a pic of Janeway (My least favourite ST captain) for the Nav bar.

Tutes are good, layout is good - In short, great!


(VelikM) #6

Nice site!
I like the tuts, more ideas to play with.

(LarsB) #7

Great Site!
I’m downloading the DS9 model…


(locutus) #8

Well, I’m glad to see everyone linked the site, but I would like to see what you all have done with the 3D models, if you could post or send me some pics!
As for the design :wink: , Janeway wasn’t my favourite, either, I originally wanted to put more characters, like Sisko, Kirk and Picard, but I didn’t find any stand-up pics (to fit the design), I actually found a pic of Archer (from the new series) so I might look around.
I was surprised by how everyone replied in just a few hours, but I hope people follow me and build their own sites like that!
But I wish to note, did anybody look at the gaming page? The games aren’t Blender, but if you’re a Trekkie (or Trekker), you’ll love it.
Rashid Al-Marri

(S68) #9

Nice site :slight_smile:

Never made a ST modelling myself…


(RipSting) #10

That’s a really good site I admit, but the pop up ads are a bit annoying. Doesn’t Angelfire give you some code so that you can imbed them into your page?

The models and image gallery is great, but I haven’t looked at your tutorials yet. Keep up the good work!

(bogbean) #11

Very nice.
I’ve got some of the models, but only ever got round to converting one or two to use in Blender. This should save a lot of people a lot of time.

The tutes on the effects look interesting too. I’ll have to have a play around when I’ve got a bit of time to spare.

(locutus) #12

Well, the only reason I couldn’t change the ads was because I have frames, if I did put them the other way, the whole thing would be messed up.
If anybody has a suggestion for a good website provider (with no ads, plenty of space and NO FILE SIZE LIMITS), then please e-mail me.
Thank you,
Locutus Of Borg,
Resistance Is Futile.

(locutus) #13

Well that signature looked crap! :x :x :x

(Bapsis) #14

Nice work man!!!
I had thought a while back of making a Blender ST site, but you beat me to it Bows :wink:
What all do you have planed for the site??? I had thought about banding some ppl together that are down with the trek to make a (short) episode of our own, i would love to design some hype uniforms, more battle ready like Elite Force (tho iv not played that, pent 200, nuff said).
I’d totally be willing to write or co-write the episode and do some of the modeling and animation. Would anyone one else like to do that, how about you Locutus? Nice site btw, i will visit it once and a bit no doubt. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

PS: I’ve done one Trek pic to date, pic iz at :

(I know its not the best, specially the hallo’z around the sun, moon and earth, but im still fairly new to 3D. :wink:

(locutus) #15

Funny thing, I was thinking about doing a Star Trek project, I came up with a simple plot, but at first, I was hoping to do an Elite Force Mod, with Blender cutscenes, but it was SO HARD using Radient, that I gave up! I thought I could just do a short film in Blender, but for now, my project is Star Trek: Blender, once the site is 100% completed, I will start on something.
But what I really want is for people to take the models off the site, or try converting their own, or even modeling their own and do animations and pics themselves!
I liked the Enterprise pic, but if you visit my gallery (on the site), you will see a few pics that I did in Blender with the models (to fill up the space), if anyone does anything similar to them (not just posing pics :slight_smile: ), then please send them in, because I would really like that!

(bmax) #16

kool(!) site!!

i dont like startwars… or was it startrek? (i dont see the difference :wink: ) , but i like u’re site - nice job


(muteinvert) #17

i’m trying to make some star trek ships, but i can’t find any pictures to trace, or any textures of ships. could you tell me a site where i could find some?

(A2597) #18

I’ve got a conversion of KennyZ’s NX-01 at my site (Accepted as the best model of the NX-01,and my convertion meets the creators approoval) at :slight_smile:

(nivex) #19

damn hell this is my new fav site !