Star Trek Castaways Interiors

(Ranz2360) #1

I really need help, I have no clue where else to post this so I’m posting it here. I’ve been trying to build Interior sets for a star trek project the past few years and always I give up on it because it just doesn’t look right, This is a project I’ve devoted myself to and since I can’t find any sort of tutorials on how to build the sets I want to build, I really need help to make it happen, So What do you say, Will you guys help me? The First set is this bridge set designed by one of my Friends for the project:

(SamusDrake) #2

It looks alright and I think you’re beating yourself up too much. Its simple enough and seems to be to scale - mission accomplished?

Saying that, I have got some ideas. The lone wall segment in the lower right-hand part of the model can either be removed or perhaps “ghosted” out. All it does is obstruct the desk to the rear exit while being on an angle where it doesn’t show us anything of value. Speaking of which you may want to play around with removing the wall bit blocking that exit too, although thats a minor niggle rather than an objection.

Some cutaways use a colour banding to indicate where it has happened. Others show the detail inside the wall cuts, but I would just experiment and go with what you feel is best. This part can be done in image editing software rather than in Blender. On top of the doorway, where it connects to the hallway walls I’d remove those joins too and once again image-edit it.

Otherwise, it looks like a respectable effort.

(fitz301) #3

As a ST fan, I would be willing to help. What kind of help do you need?