star trek fan film

Just to inform you that Goldline Pictures are working on a star trek fan film, we are possibly going to change the name sometime soon and the graphics on the site ( There is a forum and any star trek fans and people alike are welcome to join, chat and have fun. We are also looking for people to help us in the star trek fan film production (see the forum, production updates) mainly in the
-Script Writing

Just thought I should let you know

Excellent stuff. I am a big star trek films having watched about most of them. Look forward to watching your event and offer my regards to your sucess.

Thanks for the nice comment, we are also looking for Blenderheads to help us with animations, seen as this is going to be an animated star trek fan film/series, any help is much appreciated. I myself am doing exterior animation (ship battles, flyby’s, waprouts etc). Thanks

No worries - you will soon find your inbox filled with blenderheads trying to help do something. I would love to help . . . but I’m a bit tied up and ofcourse if I do chip in, then ofcourse because I am so fast and efficient and good at stuff like this that other blenderheads will be kind of intimated by my highest levels and be put off. So lucky for you - I don’t have time for your wonderful project . . . but I can’t wait for the movie to done!!

Not true kbot, we would love your help and anyother help. We are in desperate help in the modelling and human animation area and I would love your help. We would be glad to have you as part of the team

You can’t be that desperate that you need the help of kbot. Only thing he can help you with is spamming your forum. Just look his stuff in finished project… ugh wait he has nothing there.

I myself am a big star trek fan. I really liked the old ones and deep space nine. But I can’t help you. Sorry.

There is an advice I can help you with. Look trough the finished projects and there you just might find a star trek spacecraft. PM that person and ask him/her for help. Who knows. You just might get lucky. Boldly search where no man has searched before.

hey thats pretty cruel bigbad:no:


Now this is going to get bloody confusing…

Yes, this got me confused as well :stuck_out_tongue:

this is confusing

JUst a quick update for this project

We actaully found a Soveriegn Class Starship mesh (THe author I can’t remember right now, but hw will be credited of course).

The website for this fan film is

We also have a trailer you can check out, we are doing a new one which will be a ltlle better. :slight_smile: