Star Trek Game: Lighting Update...

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Hey all,

I just finished modeling and texturing another ship, a Klingon Raptor Class Scout ship from the show.I took a couple of screenshots of it along with the NX-01 i did just before this in the game…

Now that im done this one, im modeling a Vulcan ship iv always really liked the design of!!! :wink:

Let me know what you think!!! :wink:

they look way good, but if you put a couple of halos on them, i think it would spice them up a lot


WOW! :o
The texturing on those ships are fantastic!
Get more glow on the engines and they’re perfect, certainly better than any star trek games i’ve played!

image doesn’t show up :frowning: :frowning:

No images!!! :x :frowning:


ummmm i think i’ll just quote pooba and sw

Hmmm, iv never had so much trouble with this host, at least not that anyone has mentioned not being able to see my pics so much…

I’ll see what i can do about finding someone to post it elsewhere so you guyz can see, other than that all i suggest is try another day and refresh type stuff…

Sorry guyz!!! :frowning:

And for all those who could see it, and left such nice compliments, thank you very muchly!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!


Hey guyz!!!

Thanks to LohnC, i have the image up on another server. Hopefully it will work for everone now!!! :wink:

Thanks again for the postz!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

It worked for me before, but the new server is MUCH faster!

Those ships look awsome! Really great textures and modeling.

I can’t wait to play this game :slight_smile:

wow those are really nice models, you won’t be putting blender to shame anytime soon (unless you release the game and it realy sucks) but thats not the point, your entire models are great

Wow! Great work dude! Really good looking textures! :smiley:

Wow! Looks pretty good guys, now can you make a good game out of it?


i think he did it all himself… … yea

Yep, so far with what iv posted its been just my work. I hope too that i can make a good game of it!!! :wink:

Here is an update after Metalmesolid showed me how to impliment real time lighting into the game:

(Thanks for hosting this one x-warrior!!!) :wink:

Now just gotta add red and blue engine glows around the nacells… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

as I said. Really cool!

I can’t wait to make some phaser and photon torpedo fight! lol

Keep it up!

Wow it looks soooo good man.

Keeps getting better and better!