Star Trek Phaser and Photon, Stargate Railguns

So another question and hope Ill get an answer this time. Does anyone whave any idea how I can make those phaser, photon torpedo and railgun effects inside blender? Im doing some animations and want to do nearly all I can in blender.

Thanks for your answers I am definitely looking forward to them.

Could you link some images how it looks like?

hope those videos can help you :smiley:

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I think I’ve seen some tutorials on youtube how to make these. I’ll have a look if I can find it.

Thank you also do you know a way how I could assign one point of a pathe being fixed to one object and the other to another object. So the whole path in between would simply move between those two?

Sorry, can’t help you there. Animation is not my strong suit.

all good thank you very much though

Hey one more thing do you know how I could accomplish this effect in Blender 2.8?

If you watch the part by pausing the video, and then pressing “.” (period key) on the keyboard you can watch it frame by frame. It looks like it was done in after effects with a flare.

Means in blender I have to render the objects against a transparent backdrop right?

You probably need to learn to render in layers if you want to make these kinds of effects. That is how they work in the industry anyways. Everything is rendered in layers for editing.

Man you really help me thank you very much

I tried to test some things. It’s a hack but it might help you.

wewew0001-0020.mkv (96.7 KB)

space.blend (116.0 KB)

You need to render things with png files and with transparency if you want to achieve professional look. This was just a quick thing that only works in that angle.

Thank you Ill give it a go yeah Im jut now rendering a little animation will link it here when Im done if you want that

1 Like with some fixes the warp out effect in blender is perfect

as well as shields and weapons

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