Star Trek Shuttle

This is what I have so far.
I want to texture it but that is way over my head at the moment, but I think (correct me if I am wrong) that before you can add textures you have to add materials, that’s why there are those gaudy colours, sorry lol.

I am sure I went about it wrong but will keep banging away :slight_smile:

This makes me believe you dont know the difference between the viewport view and a rendered image? In the viewport, unless you switch to “material mode” you dont see the difference when you add materials. Well, assuming that you are a beginner, this is a quite accurate model!

And yes, when adding a texture, you first need a material:

  1. Add Material for your part
  2. Unwrap your part (better get a tutorial for that, or even the whole process)
  3. switch color from RGB to image texture
  4. allign your 2D faces to the image in the UV/image Editor
  5. RENDER! :cool:

You are right, I am fairly new to Blender and I don’t know the difference between the viewport view and a rendered image.
And not sure what “material mode” is,
I am looking for tuts on texturing., I have some sci fi textures I want to put on but want to do it right.

Allright. I was actually a little bit surprised that you managed to build an acceptable model without knowing what rendering actually does (Well, certainly modelling and rendering are indeed two quite seperate things)

When you render your scene, the light is calculated in a much more precise way than your realtime calculation does in the viewport (viewport is the normal view you are actually working in all the time). Actually rendering is THE main reason why there are so many outstanding looking images out there.

So: Make sure you have lights, and a proper camera angle. Now hit F12 and see what happens! (i suggest to switch to the renderer cycles before)

After the rendering is finished, a still image will now be displayed from the camera view. That should look much better already. What it needs now for a REALLY good image is quite much of knowledge about lighting, texturing, materials and so on… but keep it easy and have fun experimenting, the good results will come on their own then :yes: keep it going!