Star Trek: Through History

Star Trek: Through History

A new game I am thinking about working on in the future. Simular to Star Wars: Empire at war or sim city, even civilization 1,2,3 etc. You play and build up the federation and Star fleet starting with Zeffern cocoran and the first warp space flight. With the research facilities you can stay peaceful or not. You can build ground facilities for your workers and ship building docks. Then after a while start on your space facilitis and star building a fleet.

      Mean while the other spieces will be building up to like on the game Civlization 3 or so. When you view you view the game you can view it in 2d or 3d. 3d as in Star trek bridge commander or Legacy. you can claim other planets and wage (legacy, Or Bridge commander or flash trek) type of war. then invade the planet like on Star wars: Empire at war. 

      You can capture technology and advance in ship or weapons. Get allies and wage war with your enemies. All four quadrants of the galaxy will be avaliable in the game. And you can choose which spieces to be in later versions. 

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A Blender Game

I guess you abandoned your other game?

No, I am not leaving the other games in the dust. Galacy: Onslaught is still being made. But due to a recent power out the stuff on my computer is gone and I had to reload windows back in. It wont read my 32 gig thumb drive and so i had to reformat it. Some of the stuff is on a dvd but not all. Currently I am fumming over this but am making a 2d blender game simular to Flash Trek. But the Halo sparti are in it with the covonet, and star gate stuff. that’s for his birthday since he’s into that stuff.

this game is after i graduate from collage with a 2 year in business and a degree in building games. sorry if it’s not suppose to be here but it will be a game i will build.

I am a Star Trek geek

have you made a star trek game?

just asking.

thought i’d have fun with it.

how do I add an object with out a timmer? like you buy a ship or you buy a allied ship.

how to add an object that wasn’t there and is there after you buy it.

What is the flash point of this game? I am wondering that!

flash refers to adobe. so really this would not be a flash game. this is however a 2d game. Which I’ve moved to. Galaxy: Salvation. the rest of my games were taken out by the power out and the computer crashing so I’ve moved to a 2d game. this is easier though.

this game is almost finished by the way. Just smoothing out the rough spots and putting everything in order.

schwaberry have you any questions?

the point of this game is that it has star gate, star trek, halo in it.

you defeat the forces of evil to win.

and its a present for a friend.

I need star wars top down images of star wars ships. I have star trek and halo ships but i need star wars ships please