Star Trek Voyager

Working on my next star trek ship. I have been trying to model this for sometime. Yesterday I started from scratch because It looked too blocked out. I have spent a total of 8 hours so far on this ship. Still a ton of detail to go but this time I think I am making progress. I am working on modeling more than anything else. I have been working with blender for over 3 and a half years now just messing around. Still trying to get better.

Hiya @squidmole, nice start mate!

I’ll be following this thread closely as I’m a hughe Star Trek fan (Original and Voyager are my favs)

It’s looking good. I especially like the windows. I’m into modeling spaceships too, I’m still practicing to get something to look good though.

Here is today’s Voyager Update. I added a tile texture to the hull. I still need to go back and resize the the UV to make the tile look better. I added mini windows to the hull. One picture with lights on and one with lights off. I think I like the dark windows better. It give’s a better look I think. First attempt at the main deflector dish. Looks good but I may go back and redo that latter.

360 degree animation. Remolded the warp nacells, Still tons of work to do

Star Trek Voyager Warp test

Star Trek Voyager Warp Test 3 with sound

see top details here !


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Above link is a virus trap

Opening intro scene

sorry I did check It before giving it and it works fine on win

why do you say it is with virus ?

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I clicked on the link then clicked on a picture and my Virus alerts just started going crazy, it also started locking up my browser and I had to do a hard shutdown.

I did not go inside that site
so possible that there are

just looks at first pic that was the idea

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I’m a big fan of Voyager, so this looks like a fun project. For the warp test, I’m sure you know you’re missing the stretch effect on the ship as it goes to warp. Perhaps you could use a lattice to do that? Also, it takes a good three or four times longer than you have for the nacelles to raise up. I think the texture could be a shade darker.

Other than that this is looking really good. Keep it up!

I know I am missing the stretch effect when going to warp. I did that in one of my past Star Trek animations. I will add that effect in on the next animation. I am working on a better sun/star animation right now. My goal is to recreate the STV intro. I timed the sound with the animation with the Nacells for the test 3 animation and its almost perfect. Everyone keep the comments coming I am working on getting better

I like the star flyby too. It looks like the sun could use either more particles and/or more blending together the fire/plasma is separating into spots.

You’re making good progress.

Voyager update. This comes from Star Trek into Darkness. I loved the scene when the enterprise comes up under the Ocean. working on an animation to recreate that shot. But here are a couple of stills. I want to create the effect of water falling off the hull but have not figured out how to do that yet

I’ve never done something like that, but I imagine having some particle emitters on edges and low points of curved surfaces would work for the drippy areas. Have them emit either planes with a water droplet texture, or water droplets directly depending on the quality you want. To get the areas where the water is sheeting along the hull, maybe an animated material mixed with the normal material. Might be hard to get all the water flow right though…

Or maybe have a series of particle emitters emitting water at the top and have the hull a rigid body so the water runs along the surface and drips off the sides, dunno =)

Water Simulation is done rendering.

Another Voyager animation with sound. Just messing around with Blender trying new things.