star war attack droid


Heey this is mij WIP on a star wars attack droid.

it will take some time to moddel. and i hope that people can correct me if they see something wrong about it.

Have a nice day!

a quick update on the attack robot!
the legs and the under body almost done. need some detailing and some places need to be redone but. it is getting there.

a new update on the attack droid,

Hey, that’s cool! A few textures baked on it, and it’ll be great! Maybe even make a paper model out of it, huh?
Good job!

Thanks! i will be moddeling the detials for now and make some adjustments. and then i will start with the lighting and the textures!
and maby animate it.

Didn’t have much time to day, but have started with some details. The under part is almost done.

some renders.

and the back

I hated episodes 1-3 because how bad the CG was. Please redeem these movies by making improvements over the movie counterparts.

@Marktruck6666: lets have a try!

a new update dit some tweaking on the head. and some other small parts.