Star Wars Avenator class

My new Project is a Model of the Aventaor-Class star destroyer from Star Wars.

i post updates if i have some :slight_smile:

Update: more Details with Displacement and Modeling

Updates follow :wink:

Update: Removed Displacement modifier and addet real mesh to increase Detail.

Updates Follow

The Avenator reached his final form.
next step is the Texturing

First texturing is done. If you have any tips how to get rid of that repititive texture i cloud use it ^^

updates will follow.

Avenator nearly Finished.

hope i get some feedback to this project. :slight_smile:

next thing i have planed to do is a little animation with this model :slight_smile:

looks great! :slight_smile: have you figured out how to open it for battle?
as for the repetitive texture you could either download a larger image so it would repeat less often or ideally go for a procedural texture/material that wouldnt repeat at all. also it could use some lights on the shadowed side like from widows or something.

all detail of your ship is lost in that picture…

New render with the Avenator Class ship.

in someways the composite nodes are not applied because of unknown reasons.

Finaly get the Render and the save right, here is the Final render with all the composition

here is my first animation.

Big Thanks to zeealpal, he rendered this animation for me :slight_smile:

some animation will follow.