Star wars Battle Front II PSP

ok, im havin a problem with this game.
The comercial and specs of the game say you can have 1-4 people play from one disk. How do you do this?

doesnt it do what the nintendo DS does and sends a “virtual” copy over to other consols that use internal storage to run it off of? via wifi or similar?

I don’t have the game so I wouldn’t really know for sure, but have you tried the “game sharing” option in the PSP menu?

yes, i had the game in and my little brother and i both hit game sharing at the same time and nothing happend.

yah, but we cant get it to work.

There should be somewhere in the game a “game sharing” option, not on the main screen, but within the game. Then the other players should do the game sharing option on the main screen when you are searching for players. That is at least how it is with the pinball game.