Star Wars Clone Trooper

Hey guys I started modeling a clone trooper phase 1 from episode 2. I only have the chest peice done and I wanted to know what you guys though I love to jear what you guys say and think. I also put the reference image I am using. I will post more tommaro and i hope to have atleast the belt done. Im saving the helmet for last because i expect it to be really hard and i want to have the motivation to finish it. Thanks for reading

Made a little progress today, made the belt/COD plate and got a good start on the helmet even though I said thats last. Tell me what you guys think, thanks for reading

The bottom of the chest armour makes a smooth transition from the parts where it’s lower at the outsides to where it’s cut out for the abdomen. The bulges for the pect. muscles in the chest smooths out at the outsides. COD plate is too smooth as well. These areas need to be crisp, square cuts, as per the reference pics.



Add an edge split modifier to accomplish what revolt_randy is saying, and while your at it add a keylight instead of just ambient occlusion.