Star wars droid in live action

Hi guys
I have posted this thread to get some feedback on this quick test i have done with cg and live action intergration using blender.
Also please don’t hesitate to add anything i can improve
download the file (3.7mb) from here
sorry about the download its a bit of a pain
Thanks for any feedback

suprised no one’s left a comment yet. this is pretty damn good, the camera matching is pretty much perfect, the lighting matches really well… i can’t really spot anything wrong with it. Damn impressive.

I agree with Squiggly_P about the composition, it’s really looking great. The only thing that’s bugging me is the droids pose, it doesn’t look like it’s very firmly on the floor, I think it’s legs should be a little more spread. Other than that it’s great!!! Keep up the good work!

Very good composite! What did you use for camera tracking? (I assume Icarus or Voodoo.) The only thing is the droid could use a little better material and textures, but that has nothing to do with the composite. How did you do the shadow?

Great. What did you use to track the camera?

Hi all. thanks for the feedback
The tracking program i used as you guessed is icarus and the output was composited with After effects. I was aware of the texturing but I am still new to UV unwrapping and i have still not found a satisfactory way of unwrapping this mesh (any suggestions are welcome). I made the shadow by creating a plane and applying a shadow only material to it.
I will try changing the the legs abit to make it look more natural and i will probably make the shadow slightly darker so that it is more defined.

i liked it a lot, too bad it was short, would like to see it walk around or fire it’s gun. great work!

Yeah, really good. Still looks like it doesn’t quite rest on the floor very well, though. Just spread its legs out a little, as said before.

Hey, try some animation, like a run or gun shot.

Holy crud man this is exactly what I want to do. Look can you show me some link to get started. I got a camcorder and dvd recorder. I have blender and a nice computer. I am homeschooled so pleeaaaseee I think I would love doing that. Holy man thats cool. Sorry for acting like noob but I have always wanted to incorperate cg in real.

Hi guys
Here is a revised verion of the droid. the walk cycle still needs more work and once again comments are welcome as i want to improve this as much as possible. download from here (4.1mb)
to answer your question Vincimus check out as there is some great stuff on the website and if you do make anything i would love to see it. The shadow is not quite strong enough for this shot making the feet not fit in does anyone know how to make the shadow darker? also i added a hemi light which gave a slight blueish tint as if a reflection from the sky.
Thanks everyone

oh ty btw nice backyard do it beautiful out there! oh please don’t tell me that was cg

can some 1 point me in the right direction so i can find a tut on how to do this PLEASE