Star Wars game finished!


i’m working on a star wars game, almost done now, heree are some screens, probably out within a weeks time. takes place at the end of episode 6. total gametime to beat, approx 8-12 min, short and sweet.

if anyone has any really good ideas for 1 object AI bots, please share ur ideas with me, thanks

Nov 19,05

the game is done and i have it uploaded at
needs blender2.25

thanks to Erwin for hosting my files

this game is action oriented, and fairly easy, and takes about 10min to beat.

enjoy :smiley:

Your screen shots look great good one!!!

I found a blend file by adam wiseman called pathfinder that chased you around a doom style world is this what you were after? I strapped a dalek on for fun works pretty well

Dr S

Not bad! :slight_smile: Did you make the meshes / textures yourself? Or did you get them from one of the many free 3D model repositories?

Keith. 8)

the game is done and out, check original post,

the AI is mildly intelligent… and by that i mean, completely random,

i made the models and most of the textures myself, kept the poly count real, low for high framerates. you’ll see why when u play the game, if not, press “insert” repeatedly

Wow , this game is great(the best space game on blender)!!!Hehe , the ending is funny(Uncle Ben…).I got an F at first , the second time i got a C.Good work!!!

really cool game. Maybe I start making a game soon as well, based on this starwars fighting scene. :smiley: No idea, but when I played it I just wanted to make one as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Good game! Congratulations! You did a great job to pull this with the 2.25 engine!

Great game. I havent played a blender game that was quite like this before. Nice work.

“Impressive” - Darth Vader :smiley:

Thanks for the fun SW game. I am impressed.

Nice game, I love the explosions and sound, it makes it so kool :smiley: I gave up after 180 something kills, it got kinda boring after the first 100.I started off attacking the bigger ship, after realising it didn’t do anything i attacked the smaller ships :smiley: You should have it so you can destroy the main ship, that would be awesome.

Overall great game, I rate it a 8/10 :slight_smile:

thanks for the coments,

facemania, u were just about there, about 200 so kills and the game ends… yea i guess it is fairly repeitive and mindless, but u get a report card at the end saying how u did… based on how many kills u got after the army of tie fighters run out.

to end the game and get your “report card” hit “7” on the numpad
to insert more tie fighters in the game hit “insert”
to get more bombs hit “delete”

very cool game indeed! you could make some sequels :wink: or make more missions…

What a great job you did. Hope you have more soon! Game reminds me of a 3d Asteriods game. Shoot Shoot and bomb the heck out of stuff. Nice work

Or how about making 3 prequels, then 3 sequels… :stuck_out_tongue:

Keith. 8)

Nice Game. SoundFX rox! But You has to do some Work on the Steering and Aming.
May the Force be with You!

:smiley: Hehe, that was fun. Yup the soundFX rocks!!! Same like Doc on the steering and aiming. Also I felt like I wasn’t moving fast enough… Hmm is there a way to destroy the huge ship?

Jason Lin

What i like most is the second aiming. With the right button mouse…

Interesting, but what is the objective?

Socksy wrote

Interesting, but what is the objective?

I think the objective is to destroy Tie fighters AND NOT x wings ! :smiley:

Nice fun game. Destroyed 72 Tie’s before stop playing. So it’s addictive enought.

You made a good work ineedanewbi !