Star Wars Hoth Game --- Need Simple Animations/Modeling

I’m working on a star wars video game right now, it is in c++, and is a snow speeder fighting game on the Hoth planet. I got a few models off of free 3d modeling sites so the modeling side of the game is practically taken care of. All that i really need is someone to rig and animate a few models such as the AT-AT (gaint 4 legged vehicle), and other animations/rigs. here are a few screenshots of what I have already.

please help, itd be cool to have animations :slight_smile:

also: if anyone wants to suggest any gameplay/storyline ideas that’d be awesome

I’d like to suggest being careful with using a very known trademark aka Star Wars which may get you in trouble if you’re not careful, since you’re not the owner of that trademark nor do you have any rights to use it in any project.

However, I think free games that don’t spoil the saga’s story shouldn’t be a problem…

P.S. You should at least ask for permission to use SW content and the name itself

thanks for the suggestion, i might distribute it as an open source project, but i definitely won’t sell it. :slight_smile:
Maybe if i just don’t use the SW name in the project then there wont be a problem haha.


Alright! I’ll be working on models for your game ASAP (it may take a little bit at first, I’m gonna be drawing each character so I have an immeadeate preference in blender while modelling for best result). Glad to be part of this project (I’m a huge starwars fan)! I can do rigging, and animations semi-professional looking if I take a lot of time on them.


P.S. Since I’m new here (and going to need to model and send you stuff), how do you post blends in a quick reply? Do I need to ‘Go Advanced’?

awesome :slight_smile: ! thanks so much for the offer
but i would actually really enjoy working on the Infinity Blade game that you proposed, especially after seeing some of the excellent models that you made for that game!
also, ill pm you my gmail email so that we can IM about the project(s)